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Guild Beast Surrounded

Photo post: a nice pic of Guild Beast being surrounded by many guild members.

Info: the reason we are not attacking him is because we are making sure all guild members are ready so that everyone can get devotion. We do this every day and attack only when Guild Leader gives a “gogogo”. Of course we recommend the same strategy to take care of all players for everyone.

Guild Beast surrounded DolyGames Wartune

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  1. its good reason,

  2. Lag… My only weakness! Devotion needs to be adjusted so that you get it just for entering Guild Beast and Guild Battle to avoid this situation. You get devotion just for entering guild chamber, so why not these things as well? Or would that make too much sense for Wartune? Excuse me while I ride a motorcyle to my Tank in medieval times…

  3. Big guild!

    We do that for gb on the easy ones. take no towers until everyone’s died to the ward, then we take towers and end it.

  4. Looks more like a bukkake party about to start, I pity the guild beast. lol

  5. we do this also
    Rest euds and sylphs to be more gentle to the beast.

    ZardOZ – S364 EternaLite

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