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Beast Souls and Nickel from Archaeology

Hey guys, as most of you know there are a lot of choices to explore in Archaeology in Wartune, which I tried to help clarify in my Archaeology Rewards Analysis article. And in this article I want to highlight again the importance of getting Beast Souls and Nickel from Archaeology rather than other items, especially for free players and light cashers.

Firstly, the reason I say “especially for free players and light cashers” is because medium and heavy cashers are more likely to already own most or all of the Mount Shop mounts, while free players would normally still be behind in that, but, I actually recommend Beast Souls and Nickel not for getting all these mounts but for gathering and waiting for the right one.

That Special Title Mount

As some of you know the Mount Shop resets only one time in the week on Monday at 0:00 am. That is a very slow refresh rate (unless you want to throw 2000 balens to refresh, which we do not recommend) and because of this you want to be able to immediately purchase the Title Mounts which they show up. The problem with these mounts are that they do not show up in the list so frequently and they can cost a lot, which is why you need to be gathering the Beast Souls and not wasting them on low stat mounts. See our reference article on all mounts listed with their costs and much more.

Another important point is that the new mount attributes keep on going up – we are at +400 at present and perhaps by the end of the year it might be +800 and since the cost of the mount is fixed that means that the higher the attributes the higher Beast Soul cost there will be.

The mount titles give MATK/PATK +2000 and HP +8000, which means that you are getting all these stats 100% for free when you buy a title mount, but you have to have enough patience not to waste your Beast Souls on low stat no-title mounts even though you probably have a great desire to fill up with as many mounts as you can! As a free player or a light casher you must become an expert in patience, remain calm and plan ahead to get as far as you can with the resources that you have.

My Beast Souls

On the picture above you can see I have gathered 4182 Beast Souls which is quite a lot given that it is all 100% for free gathered over a long time. And, for example, in last weeks and this week I have been unlucky with my Mount Shop refresh and did not get any Title Mount in the list that I could buy. Still, even with these many Beast Souls, I might not be able to buy even 2 expensive mounts (more like 1.5), so you can see that it is a long process that requires planning and a lot of patience.

Slow Archaeology Speed of Beast Souls

We have not established yet the speed of various items in Archaeology but it is pretty clear that Beat Souls and Nickel gather very slowly. For example Fangs one could gather every 2 days, but Beast Souls are more likely to be one time per week. So some people have chosen to do other items because of this speed issue because people like to be satisfied immediately or as soon as possible, but the only way players can be successful in Title Mounts which I explained above is by exercising a great deal of patience, calmness and planning.

On the picture below is an example of gathered points for Beast Souls and Nickel from Archaeology. It does take a long time but over time you get there and I was really happy to finally press those Exchange buttons to collect the items.

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  1. Cosmos, can u tell me how many mount points do u have actually?

    • mount points?
      if you mean mount strength then mine is 22800, but mount strength means absolutely nothing – it is only used for mount ranking that i personally don’t care about (cause only cashers can rank high there)

      • It gives me look on how many (more or less) beasts u have. and i see we are on equal lvl.

  2. I have a little over 2k souls waiting for a title mount to show up.

    Need to be careful when exchanging for the nickels since the max amount you can hold is 999. Anything you collect over that, you lose it. They need to update that amount since you can get also get 1k nickels from digging.

    • ya definitely be careful, i almost took the 1k nickels when i had 500, thankfully i remembered to check

      i doubt they will adjust the 999 🙁

      • Haha they did adjust nickels now, I have 1100 saved up now

  3. An argument could be made to go after as many ‘low stat’ mounts as possible. Mounts over +50 when refined, still only refine to +50 with hoofs.

    For example, 1x +100 mount (fully refined) vs 2x +50 mounts (fully refined) ~ +150 to stats vs +200 to stats. Of course, there are titles to take into effect, but not every mount has a title. Just food for thought.

    • Everything depends on how much will this beast with title cost. If beast +100/+150 with title costs 1800 so in my opinion its not worth unless u have acquired all beasts +50 (cost 600 beast souls).

  4. true, first i had near 1k beast souls and i decidwd to use them ina 80 mount, next monday 3 mount with title were sitting in my mount shop, anyways i wouldnt have enough for all but at least the lower one i could had a chance, but then i got 2 just guradian mounts getting 1.2k putting me over 2k and could get bony dragon which has title and now i have only 553 but really trying to get more for more munts with titles

  5. As for free or light cashers i would recomend going for all magic mounts 1st. Then go for title mounts as not all title mounts give stats you show from title.

  6. Could you do a mount recycle article? From a non-casher POV.

    • In the article with the information about all the mounts,he mentions the recycle rewards of some of them.

  7. 150 stats mount+refinesd=200 stats+title
    50 stats mounts*3+refined=300 stats
    now it will depend on what title it gives, like “Bony Dragon” gives 1k p/m atk, 200 crit and 200 penetration.
    Extra 100 stats gives 400 p/m atk 500 p/m def and 2000hp, on top of that 3 mounts are 15 stars, 1 mount is 5 stars, which means 10 stars more to your advanced mount/mounts.
    Last one thing, mounts above 100 stats doesnt have traditional 10 stats per 120 beast souls it increases. So bigger mount better is questionable. Would like to hear your thoughts about it.

    • btw 150 stats mounts is 2070 beast souls, 3 mounts x50 stats is 1800 beast souls.

    • Yes but you missed the whole discussion about shop refresh speed which i wrote about; you might get a title mount this week and then not get it for 6 months – you cannot take that risk of having your beast souls wasted on mounts which are easily available which you can purchase anytime.
      The goal is to get all mounts in the fastest time, so you gotta make sure you 100% have enough purchase power and only use the extra bit on simple mounts (until you finish buying all title mounts).

      • Yes but in that time when you are collecting those massive mounts, you will miss all that gold from refining and for me atm gold is priority because of the holy forge. Dont forget my calculations, saving for big mounts you lose br also you lose stats per beast souls. Im sure that most small mounts are in mount shop, but we are still getting new big mounts, that means in future chance to get big mounts that are available to exchange will increase.

        Im just saying but just to be happy that you got big mount and title, you are losing gold, stats, refining event. This sound like camping to me and from experience can tell that camping didnt work out for me, at first i felt strong but when i reached lvl 80 same as others done half year ago before, i was way weaker, only thing i had was higher honor.

  8. I have almost every non-titled mount and have been farming for the souls for a while. The drop rate for them is really low and is a slow grind compared to Fang of Fear which seem to drop like rain! Whether you want to go for all the available mounts first or titled ones, it is still a great way to boost your character without spending a ton of money!

  9. Some new good game? I played Wartune for 3 years. I forgot password do two months and KoramGames not helped me recover. I have no patience to create a new character. But a new good game, I’d try. Thanks … Regards to all.

  10. Your analysis is pretty good but u are skipping important aspects.
    The handbook rewards are really amazing for non and low cahsers because except this source its pretty difficult 2 get flames for example. On the other hand u are getting good amounts of beast souls via hole map rewards.
    Your advice seem legit if u completed all possible rewards once and continue to concentrate on items/ressources you really need.
    Title mounts are really nice because of their stats but u should consider the income aspect mount refining events. Eight mounts with 50 stats are better than 1 mount with 400

  11. Dragonfish mount+80all stats costs 960beast souls,saving very ungrateful thing.

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