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Marshmallow Chest Drop Rate Report

Hey guys, here I share with you the report/analysis I made on the drop rates of the Marshmallow Chest (Wartune event chest June 2016). Such study helps us understand what kind of numbers / percentages the Wartune Team is using when designing boxes and helps us to make better decisions regarding opening or trading chests. If you want to help with these reports feel free to email properly collected data to me (Cosmos); I can prepare reports once I collect a certain minimum amount. OK, let’s look at the results of the Marshmallow Chest:

 [Marshmallow Chest icon]

In total I have collected data of 1860 chests, (Thanks Mat for sending 500), which is pretty solid, so the accuracy can be judged to be rather good (of course always the more the better).

Main Marshmallow Chest Drops

Chest Item Quantity % Comment
400k gold 567 30.5% About 1/3rd of all chests will give gold.
Eudaemon Warpath Crystal x4 286 15.4% Almost half of chests will give a Eudaemon item.
Eudaemon RES Reduction Essence x3 237 12.7%
Eudaemon Resistance Essence x4 252 13.5%
Pure Refinement Crystal x4 170 9.1% This item is no longer needed after upgrading to red artifact/halidom.
Mount Hoof x4 326 17.5% This item is useless for most level 80 players.
Royal Guard Blade x1 4 0.2% Roughly 1-2 out of 100 chests will give a random clothing item. They might have increased the Armor drop to give players “a taste”.
Royal Guard Garment x1 13 0.7%
Royal Guard Trinket x1 5 0.3%
TOTAL 1860 100.0%

Additional Marshmallow Chests’ Clothing Shard Drops

Chest Item Quantity % Comment
Clothing Shard x1 571 30.7% About 1/3rd of all chests will give an additional 1 clothing shard.
Clothing Shard x2 13 0.7% Somewhat rare. Roughly 1 out of 100 chests.
Clothing Shard x10 1 0.1% Very rare. Roughly 1 in a thousand chests.
TOTAL 585 31.5%

Some Wartune players have been complaining that the chest is not giving additional rewards, but that is just poor understanding of the game. Indeed one or few chests might only give rewards from the “Main” list, but about 1/3rd of the time you will also get an additional reward of clothing shards. I have supplied proof for this in the Hammer Chest Drop Rates article.

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  1. Omg never again opening 500 one by one 😀

    • hehehe 🙂

  2. Remember when clothing was more like 5% not 1.5%? Better odds on doing exchange than opening them (if you want the clothing). I remember getting mounts from chests at about 1%. I wish that developers were actually playing the game so they know that certain items are useless to a majority of players. Mount hoofs? Whips are still useful to a lot of players but not hoofs (or hooves I guess). Clothing shards… For a rare drop, only getting 10 is kind of silly. Maybe they should replace refinement crystal with a refinement item for euds (in keeping with the other eud stuff you can get from the chest). Maybe the blue equip refinement material would make sense. Few people need the pure refinement crystal anymore.

    • Ya the free chests have been greatly nerfed over months and your point about them playing the game is very valid, but unfortunately most of the companies don’t really know their own games, because employees come and go and each employee has a focused job, so they don’t have the time (and even not the interest) to sit and play properly and so only those companies who hire game experts like our team can know what the real issues are and what is the best way (Win-Win) of solving the issues.
      By the way if you want to see older drop rate reports just pick the category on the top menu and can easily have a look and compare 🙂

  3. excellent analysis as always, thank you 🙂

  4. I opened 580 echests one by one and got like 190 clothing shards and about x5 of every clothing peace 😛

  5. ty for analysis guys.keep doing good work

  6. hi i just wanna say that wings give critical on leveling,not only fashion cores

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