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How to Recycle Mounts for Beast Souls

Hey guys, we have been getting a lot of questions on how to recycle mounts for beast souls, so here is a nice little post to answer that question with pictures.

First of all it is important to note that only permanent mounts can be recycled, so forget about temporary and usually also not the blacksmith synthesize-able mounts. Furthermore, you won’t be able to buy additional mounts from various shops like the Crypt Shop or the Class Wars Shop – you will get a message saying that you already own that mount. This is, of course, fairly done to avoid abuse where “rich” or “long-time” players could buy lots of mounts with their resources and recycle for a great benefit (although, if it was my decision, I would have allowed this, but at a much lower beast soul cost).

Recycling Skeletaur Mount for Beast Souls

I’ve been saving my extra Skeletaur Card for a while, so it is time to recycle it with the new beast soul system. Step 1: have the mount card in your inventory (no matter which page). Step 2: double click the card – doing this will actually activate the mount for you if you do not have it and it is a sort of a fail-safe mechanism that they built in to both ensure that you already own this mount and that you don’t save up mounts that you don’t like to exchange for mounts that you do like.

recycling mount cards for beast souls 1

Step 2 continued: Once you double click the “extra” mount card, you will get a popup window as shown on the picture below. As you can see, the Skeletaur Mount card can be recycled for a nice amount of 200 Beast Souls. Click confirm to initiate the exchange.

recycling mount cards for beast souls 2

Recycling Arabian Camel for Beast Souls

Same like the mount example above, here we have the example of the Arabian Camel Card. Again, have it in your inventory (I had actually 3 of these saved up for many months).

recycling mount cards for beast souls 3

Once you double click on the “extra” mount card you get the popup below showing that the Arabian Camel can be recycled into 160 beast souls:

recycling mount cards for beast souls 4

The Mount Shop

Once you have the Beast Souls from the mount recycle then go to the Mount Shop (left bottom Stables):

Mount Shop icon

Here, you can see I have gathered up 697 Beast Souls and in the mount shop there are usually mounts costing from 120 to 600 Beast Souls, so you can now spend the recycled beast souls to purchase new mounts. It almost does not matter which one you buy because the price is set by stats, so every +10 attributes cost 120 beast souls, be it made of several mounts or one mount, the attribute result is the same. However, what can be rather important is the additional Max Attributes that a mount gives and some 600 costing mounts give the same amount as 120 beast soul mounts, so looking from this angle it is much better to buy multiple cheaper mounts than one big one.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t like the listed mounts, you can refresh the list with 2000 balens (well, 1999 to be exact) or wait 1 week for it to be reset by itself.

Mount Shop page 1 example

Other mounts recycling yields of Beast Soul:

If you guys recycle mounts please put down in the comments or email me and I will add those numbers also to this article for everyone’s benefit.

Mount Cards Beast Souls from mount recycling
Skeletaur Card 200
Arabian Camel Card 160

Update: Formula for getting beast souls from mount recycle is attributes x 4, (thanks David) so:

Beast Souls from mount recycling
+10 mounts 40
+20 mounts 80
+30 mounts 120
+40 mounts 160
+50 mounts 200
+100 mounts 400
+150 mounts 600
+200 mounts 800

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  1. Mount stat * 4 = beast souls.

    +50 Mount * 4 = 200 beast souls
    +40 Mount * 4 = 160 beast souls
    +30 Mount * 4 = 120 beast souls
    +20 Mount * 4 = 80 beats souls
    +10 Mount * 4 = 40 beast souls

    • And it seems, you cant buy Mounts with higher stats than +50 (so, Mounts from the last events are not for sale in these new shop)

    • 150stat mount gives 600 souls

    • vip

    • vip

    • im not a vip, and instead of recycling it told me it gave me the mount for 7 more days

  2. i can recycle incubus dragon ?

    • No, only permanent Mounts can be recycled. If you try to recycle a non permanent Mount, the duration increases.

  3. It can be used tok permanent letter ???

  4. still some of the +50 and lower mounts not in shop yet. unicorn beetle, Rosette horse, darknite panther, snow yak, Franken rabbit, armored boar, blazing Lynx and rockstar leopard (last 2 can be earned but were also in beast shard exchange at certain times) but to argue….the stingray, ice fang and frost lynx can be earned and are current options.

    • The mounts you have mentioned could appear there when the mount shop refreshes. Its always random what mounts will appear there.

      • you can click “all mounts” for every available mount in the shop. they are not listed

  5. The reset buton its for ppl who dont have few mounts like 5/6 mounts, when u reset its 100% chance to come 1 mount that u dont have. I will try to get a lot of same mounts at CW shop, when i get 10 i acvate one and demolish the oders 9.

  6. anyone here knows if venomous leopard card (league shop mount) can be recylce? i appreciate any answer

    • yes she give 160 beast soul

  7. yes it can, but shop will not let you aquire a duplicate..neither will any other mount.

  8. if i have 150+ mount stats?

  9. can you recycle mounts with out having the cards? like sacrificing them to get beast souls then using that to buy another mount

    • no you need the cards to sacrifice mounts because the only way to enter the sacrifice window is to double click on the card

  10. I can recycle the mount that caught with inter- server points ( tiger, wolf etc … ) Awaiting Response .

  11. mount +100 400-bs

  12. Can the amethyst, arena and league shop mounts be recycled? I mean, I already have those mounts, but I can buy them again so I could recycle them for beast souls.

    • the game won’t let you buy them again to recycle

  13. There are 15 cards in the shade of flame such as unlimited çevirebilirmiyiz the passenger extract the same card please helpComment

  14. Berly Dragon gives 600 souls

    • thanks for sharing

  15. what about nightshade mount card? I already activated it.

  16. Does anyone have any idea when they will add new mounts in the mount shop? I have them all and some beast souls waiting to use. Will they add some with new patch in November?

  17. snow yak card from csgb can be recycle?

    • normally any mount in your bag can recycle

      • huh, i just recycle arabian camel fore 160 beast, thank you

        • But fore example that mount from whild majestic stingray cant synthesize. And i just try, that from csgb you cant buy if activate allready

  18. Yes, snow yak can be bought and recycled for BS’s

  19. Snow yak recycled gives 120 beast souls

  20. 800 beast souls

  21. If you get first mount card from guild shop or amethyst and don’t activate it, can you recycle it? And then again and again?

    • in order to recycle you need to double click, which will activate the mount if you do not have it

      • So, if I want for example to recycle amethyst mounts…
        My only option is stuck the cards without activating and when e.g. I have 10 cards activate the first and recycle the rest.
        Or this doesn’t work?

      • sdasd

  22. Blazing Lynx which can be purchased with Fangs of Fear, can be recycled? Thanks in advanced for any confident answer.

  23. how many mount can be recycle and what that mount name?

  24. Can dark knight steed can be recycled? and royal steed too? I tired to recycle it, but a msg comes that the mount has already been activated but no popup for recycle the mount

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