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Level 2 Guild BOSS / Beast Rewards

Hey guys, see below the Level 2 Guild BOSS / Beast Rewards. It costs 3.6 billion daru to upgrade the Guild BOSS one level = 3.6 million daru contribution (Warpath).

So the level 2 Guild BOSS / Beast rewards are:
(Thanks to Alex for this info)

  • 1st place: Golden Holy Water x12, Fang of Fear x120
  • 2nd place: Golden Holy Water x8, Fang of Fear x101
  • 3rd place: Golden Holy Water x6, Fang of Fear x82
  • 4th to 10th place: Fang of Fear x63
  • 11th to 50th place: Fang of Fear x54
  • 51th to 100th place: Fang of Fear x44
  • 101+ positions: Fang of Fear x38
And for the final strike to kill the Guild BOSS: Golden Holy Water x3, Crystal Shard x6

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  1. Ok you guys can you give us little ones some strategy to fight the thing? 11 points isnt working.

  2. spire nm and digging will give you more fangs and holy water so i’m not wasting time doing this

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