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Where I get my Luck Stones

Hey guys, a whole bunch of people have been asking me where do I get so many luck stones and I did not even know this was a problem because I never think about luck stones and I end up having lots of them somehow. Well, now I decided to pay a little attention and I can tell you that probably most of the luck stones come from the daily 7-8 blitzes of simple solo campaigns. Here is a picture you can see I did one run and got all this (without using skeleton keys cause I need them for legend stones) and there are lots of luck stones as you can see, so if you do this every day you can imagine you have hundreds.

P.S. I also use a 50% exp scroll with blitz so at my current level I also get 2.675 mil experience as well.
P.P.S. Of course if I would use skeleton keys also I would get a lot more.

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