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Level 80 Legendary Stones, Tanks and Battle Rating

Hey guys, it is pretty important in Wartune (and actually same in real life) to have a sense of achieving something and also being happy about the small victories that you have and seeing that all that “work” 😛 that you have put in gets you somewhere.

Here below a couple of small and big achievements for me today and I use those as an excuse to give some explanations / guides / tips about those things:

First up from our new Level 80 MPD – Nirvana – the reward cards from the end of the dungeon. Actually already an achievement for me was being able to complete the dungeon in the Nightmare difficulty. I did it with the guys from the Guild Russians: Shutnik, AnDrUs and Wizz and I think the most important factor in our victory was the fact that Shutnik had above 150,000 health points which allowed him to survive the 100,000 damage attacks from the final boss. And we also used 2-3 Iris sylphs for always keeping full health going on the party as the final boss can get nasty indeed.

And following that this nice card draw where I got 6 more level 80 legendary stones (this is on top of 6 + 6 level 80 legendary stones from the mini-bosses in the Nightmare version of the dungeon).

The today I got me a mad score on Tank Trails of 19185, well above all others. I actually was not planning on going crazy on the tanks today, but it just happened.

Now the key with tank trails, as you might know, is having as little lag as possible so that you can actually see exactly what is happening and not after the thing has already happened. After that, at least for me, laser of course is super good but also napalm I like. The weapon that stuns your enemy is also nice and super annoying for the enemy, but really the key point is shooting as fast as possible and actually picking up another weapon. Most people try to carefully time their weapon and save, but I go all out and still try to shoot at correct times.

And last but not the least, COSMOS Mage passes 70k BR on Level 59, which is massive (but actually there are even bigger monsters going up to 90k BR for level 59, but those are very very few). Battleground is going super well as I can kill most people without trying hard at all and actually the biggest problem is I physically don’t have the time to do the daily maximum, not even close to near it.

You may notice straight away on the picture some areas are still far from even average, still the ring i didn’t bother to make legendary and the soul engraving is only 18 and the stables are not high at all, I am still working on guild skills and astrals are not even average, so he can still improve tons.

To give you more tips, especially for those people asking me “is my Battle Rating good enough for my level?” then I give you a simple rule: a solid good BR to have is same as your Level so at level 40 then 40,000 is solid, etc. The vast majority of players will have a BR lower than this guideline, but this is a guideline for you to use. So for level 59 a battle rating of 59,000 would be very solid and I am now surpassing that with a 70,000ish and some, like i said, go as high as 90,000.

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