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Tip for Clothing Engulf for Good Luck Charms

Hey everyone! This is a short & easy Wartune Clothing Engulf tip related to the item Good Luck Charm. Good Luck Charm used to be a very interesting item in the past in the old clothing system, but in the current Wartune configuration it is a forgotten distant cousin. Still, it has a small purpose and I make this tip post to help to maximize its use.

What people do with Good Luck Charms

Usually most people just engulf the Good Luck Charms that they have. This is partly because they want to fill up the clothing EXP and partly because they don’t want it to take up space in the inventory. However, I believe this is not a good way of using them.

What’s the better way of using them

Each clothing item has a chance for a crit competing the level. As far as I know from my own testing Fashion Cores and Good Luck Charms do not crit or if they do it is so rare that it is not worth talking about. Because of this one could theoretically use 1 piece of clothing right at the start of the level and fully wipe the EXP with a crit. So if you used any Good Luck Charms before that then this is just a waste of clothing experience.

So I suggest that, instead of using, you keep gathering Good Luck Charms until the sum total of them fully fills in 1 level of Clothing Engulf. This way all of them will be 100% used and beneficial and the only downside is that it will take up just 1 single slot in your inventory (or guild vault).

Naturally the higher the level the more of them you’d need to collect, but using them partially, I believe, is the same as throwing them away.

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  1. i not have understood what you have suggested

    • he is saying collect 100 million good luck charm until the bar gets filled up and then u click engulf…

      this way u have the chance to getting the super ultra rare crit exp

      • no sorry that is not what i have written
        – COSMOS

    • If you did not understand everything then i am not sure how i can help, maybe try read it again slowly, otherwise, if there was some specific part you did not understand please let me know and i will try to explain.
      – COSMOS

  2. Ah, reading slowly helped 🙂

  3. Simple version: You basically never fill the exp bar before it crits and levels up when engulfing clothing pieces. Charms/Cores doesnt crit, so everytime you use Charm/Core for engulf its wasted xp since crit is coming sooner or later.

  4. it might also crit with 20, the last clothing event this is what I used. Not saying it’s a sure thing but you have a better chance of a crit when you use 10 or more

  5. I’m sorry I didn’t get it too.
    my english is weak , that might be it.
    but if you can record a video for it that will help much .
    ty vm ♥
    i just don’t what is the benefit of collecting ” untill the sum total of them fully fills in 1 level of clothing engulf ”
    consider we done that , what will happen is as you said “this way all of them will be 100% used and beneficial ” so this mean we will gain more exp or more chance to crit .

    • give an example if you can , say for level ___ we will need ___ charms to max that level if we done so so what will happen after engulf is that ____ so we will gain ___
      but if we used it partialy as we used it partially what we will need to max this level is ____ fashion core and ____ charms and what will happen after engulf is ____ and we will lose ____
      something like that if you know what im saying . and thanks alot :*

  6. so once its maxed, what do you do with all the extra charms, cores, and excess cloths. I got a whole page of them. why cant we recycle them for something???

    • I guess they will build more things in the game then or raise the limits to higher

  7. Come on guys! It means that you shouldn’t engulf 5 good luck charms every week, instead gather 300 or as many as you need to fill up the xp bar to the next level. This is because you can get crits with normal clothing wich increases the current level by 1, but this doesn’t happen with fashion core or good luck charms

    • oh nany you are awesome , i got it now
      ty so much ♥

  8. I believe there is an even better way to maximize clothing exp, and at the same time decrease the amount of waiting time to use good luck charms. I propose that you should use your charms each time you get “close” to leveling up (I will elaborate on what I mean by “close” later). If you save up charms until you can use them all for one full level, you are wasting a lot of potential for big critical engulfs.

    First, let me explain the logic behind my proposal: the expected amount of exp gained from clothing DECREASES as you get closer to leveling up. For example, let’s assume the chance of getting a critical engulf is 5%. Then, if you are 30,000 exp away from leveling up, the expected exp gained from engulfing one level 1 piece of clothing is 0.95*300 + 0.05*30,000 = 1,785 exp. However, if you are only 1,000 exp away from leveling up, the expected exp from the same level 1 piece of clothing is 0.95*300 + 0.05*1,000 = 335 exp.

    Now, for those of you unfamiliar with expected value, you may claim that it is impossible to get 1,785 or 335 exp from a single piece of clothing. This is true, but the expected value may not actually be an achievable outcome. It is the AVERAGE value of an event after performing MANY repetitions. For example, the expected value of rolling a fair dice is 3.5. You will never actually roll a 3.5, but if you record the numbers you roll over time, they will eventually average to 3.5.

    What does this mean for clothing engulfing strategy? Essentially, it implies that engulfing clothing when you are close to leveling up will yield LESS exp over time compared to when you are far away from leveling up. The definition of “close” depends on how many good luck charms you have RELATIVE to how many pieces of clothing you have. If you have many good luck charms and few pieces of clothing, close may be several thousand exp away from leveling up. If you have few charms and many pieces of clothing, close might be one or two thousand exp from leveling up. This is arbitrary and comes down to personal preference.

    Unlike clothing, the expected value of good luck charms always remains the same (this is if COSMOS is correct that good luck charms do not land criticals). Therefore, engulfing clothing at the start of each level and then using the charms when you are close to leveling up will maximize the amount of critical engulf exp you can gain. On the other hand, if you use charms for a full level, you are forfeiting the chance for a HUGE amount of critical engulf exp!

    • Hi Luke, I appreciate your smart thinking (honest compliment) and your sharing. I read and thought about what you said and I have to disagree due to my data/experience with clothing engulf. You see, on several chars that i have used i almost never got beyond the half way before a crit. I don’t remember ever coming even 75% close to the end (exception: low levels). It always critted before. Crit rate must be pretty nice (relatively speaking).
      But if such a case happens (which i’ve never seen) that someone reaches close to the end without critting i support your proposal of using Charms to finish the level (exact amount only – not bulk using).
      Again thanks for sharing,

      • Glad I could share. Your example just shows how the definition of “close” is variable. You said you ALMOST never got beyond half way before a crit. So “close” for you would be the few times when you do reach half way! You should never use charms at the beginning of a level because, as I explained above, the expected value of clothing (and equivalently the potential for large crits) is much higher at that point.

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