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Reminder for Symbiosis Stones Exchange

Hey everyone! I just briefly wanted to highlight again the Symbiosis Stones Exchange which is an item trade located inside the Hot Events’ Golden Watch #1 Exchange. This is, I believe, a very interesting exchange as those stones are relatively difficult to obtain even if you do 2 Rifts of 2-4 stones per day.

Symbiosis Stone icon Wartune

Symbiosis Stones Exchange allows trading of up to 99 stones which is 990 event mini items or 99 event chests. I did the full 99 on my character and I recommend the same to you as well. This will help boost the Battle Rating of both your normal form and your Dragonchant form.

The Symbiosis upgrade costs start small but do increase very fast:

  • You need 2 stones to upgrade to level 2
  • Then 10 stones for level 3
  • 15 stones for level 4
  • 30 stones for level 5
  • 45 stones for level 6
  • 60 stones for level 7
  • etc,
  • so we will need a lot of Symbiosis Stones

Reminder for Symbiosis Stones Exchange

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