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Save Energy Stones to Claim Top Sky Adventure Prizes

Since the new Sky Adventure mini game came out, the hoarder in me said to save energy stones until I have enough to get the top prize. The earlier prizes don’t give materials I’m that interested in, but Vulcan Packs are very important and difficult to obtain.

From numbers people that played the game gave me, they averaged about 12+ Adventure Points per Energy Stone used. This means to claim the 1600 point top prize, 120 or so Energy Stones are needed. I can exchange for 10 of these with event currency and even more through other Hot Events until I have enough (this will probably require several weeks or months worth the events).

So, even though I think this is a pretty underwhelming new mini game, for sure we can play it smart and make the most of it! ^^


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Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google

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