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Clown Ties for Luck Charms

(Posted by Eliatan — DolyGames Team Member)

By now, many have noticed that Wartune probably made an error in the Clown Bowtie Exchange, which gives 24 luck charms for x10 Bowties. This is a really awesome opportunity to get a ton of luck charms — in comparison, this exchange gives 12 times as many charms for the same amount of event currency as the Clown Mask Exchange.

I think in most event exchanges people will try their luck at collecting or opening up chests for the event mount, but here I suggest exploiting this event and obtaining many luck charms. Luck charms are the most notoriously awful cost to clothing synthesis, and at higher levels of clothing synthesis, it’s much scarier to try to synthesize without them.

At the moment charm costs for synthesis are as such:

Particularly for wings, the luck charm costs are pretty absurd, doubling in cost with every level. Even for players who already have all level 9 clothing pieces, eventually there will be level 10 to 13 (the Chinese version has gotten to this point), so the synthesis charm cost will be 640+ charms per pair of wings, and 128+ per clothing set.

Another reason to consider pushing for charms here is that Wartune has increased the insignia cost for luck charms in the Wilds Shop. So, unless you’re very good about doing wilds everyday to collect Mystery Stones, getting charms from Wilds Shop just got more expensive (this is not ideal since insignias are very important for the new medallion). This also leaves you more daru to contribute to your guild’s Warpath.

Players often think that these high level clothing pieces are out of their reach (I once thought I’d never pass level 5…), but I know several no-to-low cash players that have level 7+ clothing and wings. I hope this helped, and that everyone at least considers getting some charms! ^^

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