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The Void Emissary and Angel of Light Animations & Info

Hey everyone! One of the new things in the next Wartune patch 7.0 are the new Eudaemon features – Willpower. I share with you here 2 animations and info i have prepared for The Void Emissary and Angel of Light.

Update #1: video added.

The Void Emissary and Angel of Light are not visible in the Eudaemon Guide, which might indicate that they are not Eudaemons. However, I already posted on the 19th of April “New Wartune Eudaemons to Appear” and “New Wartune Eudaemons to Appear (Part 2)” where we have their pictures from another Wartune version and we can see that they definitely wear Eudaemon equipment. This indicates that they are “special” or “merged” Eudaemons.

These new Eudaemons seem to be called Willpower which is really weird – maybe a translation issue.

They are accessed through a secondary icon above Eudaemons like the current Sylph icons (see below).

Wartune Patch 7.0 icons

new Wartune Patch 7.9 UI

The Void Emissary Animation

Angel of Light Animation

The Void Emissary Info

Void Emissary requires:

  • Level 10+ Sacred Knight Eudaemon
  • Level 10+ Battle Oracle Eudaemon
  • 1000 Demonic Blood
  • 3000 Memory Crystal
  • See Rules / Conditions below

The Void Emissary Info

Angel of Light Info

Angel of Light requires:

  • Level 10+ Sanctuary Hunter Eudaemon
  • Level 10+ Scourge Mage Eudaemon
  • 1000 Demonic Blood
  • 3000 Memory Crystal
  • See Rules / Conditions below

Angel of Light window info

Demonic Blood and Memory Crystal


Memory Crystal icon Wartune Patch 7.0 Demonic Blood icon Wartune Patch 7.0

Item info:

Demonic Blood item Wartune Patch 7.0 Memory Crystal item Wartune Patch 7.0

Rules / Conditions for The Void Emissary and Angel of Light

I’ll only mention what is in addition to the above requirements:

  • The first rule requires having more than 1 Eudaemon of the required type. That should normally not be a problem for these basic Eudaemon types where players probably have up to 5 or more of them, although probably on low level.
  • It seems the Willpower will take over / inherit the equipment with an unknown compensation given to the player (due to 2 sets of Equipment being merged into 1?).
  • Seems a similar rule is applied for War Emblem.

The Void Emissary and Angel of Light conditions

VIDEO: The Void Emissary and Angel of Light HD

Hope you enjoyed my presentation of The Void Emissary and Angel of Light. Please like/share/support and if anyone has any additional information please post in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for article. I guess next patch is merge of other 6 euds and probably very expensive. Hopefully the merge doesn’t cost balens 🙂

  2. Thanks for the infos, could you post an video of the Void Emissary skills as well? Or at least a list?

  3. What is eud signet where we get the mats?

  4. u will make a video with void emissary skills?

    • Wartune Patch 7.0 – VOID EMISSARY – WILLPOWER GUIDE – Summon, Skills and Details

      • ohh thanks

        Both pokes are just for more fake br

        the skills are very useless for pvp or titan temple =[

      • to hard to get stuff to make eather of them

  5. i have 2 sacred knights and 2 battle oracle..(lvl12+lvlx1 and lvl11 and lvlx1 )…all items…but i cant merge them..why?..must i put all eudeamons out of every event/battle?..what i have to do that it will work??..greetz timmi

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