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[Video] Blood Demon Fighting Animations and View

Hey guys, due to players’ requests I have prepared a video dedicated to showing the fighting animations and views of the new Eudaemon – Blood Demon (Patch 5.8). Below you can see the video and you can watch it either here or on YouTube.

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  1. I have a feeling it’s perfect eudaemon if you use Zeus/ Thor. DPS eudaemon with buff to extra dmg and can heal himself, what is good, that u can focus much more on ur character than on eudaemon’s health.

  2. But, can u get it by turning in marks?
    I have been saving the marks for quite a while since only the basic Eudas seem to drop.

    • likely casher first, exchange later, summon never or later; but we do not know for a fact, nothing has been officially communicated (as usual)

  3. Thank you so much, DolyGames Team 🙂

    • You’re welcome buddy
      – Cosmos

      • so her delphic skill is bugged sometime, just like Scourge Mage’s 🙁

      • You mean not being able to cast Delphic? That’s for any Eudaemon, there is a bug in Spire, so you have to restart to get a connection again to click Delphic.
        – Cosmos

      • Yea, it’s frozen when I try to cast 2nd Delphic (F key). But so far I only found it in Scourge Mage, and in this Blood Demon from your video. I never have same problem with Battle Oracle, and maybe with Frost Dwarf too. Haven’t tested with another Eudaemon because I only have 2 main kids atm.

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