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Advanced Fashion Core Info

Hey guys, Chinese Wartune got a new patch on the test servers and one of the feature that was added is the Advanced Fashion Core. It seems to be that higher levels of clothing and wings are not added yet but if I find out that there is higher levels of clothing/wings, I will update you guys with a new post.

Disclaimer: We may or may not get this feature on our servers. If we get this feature in our western servers, there may be changes to the feature.

Advanced Fashion Core and its use:

The Advanced Fashion Core can be only used on Clothing/Wings that are level 4-11. The good thing about this new fashion core is that it never fails your clothing. It is ALWAYS successful. That means no more gambling your regular Fashion Cores 😛 .

How much does it cost?

The price of one Advanced Fashion Core is 9,999 Balens which can be bought from the Shop. Another good thing about this Advanced Fashion Core is that you can use Bound Balens to buy them.

Hope you guys enjoyed this new info and be sure to comment below if you will buy these Advanced Fashion Cores if we get them and feel free to ask any questions.

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  1. i am ready to pay 100k bb just to sucess 100% i love ur blog COSMOS ur biggest fan

  2. i am ready to pay 100k bb just to sucess 100% i love ur blog COSMOS ur biggest fan

    • This may be Cosmos’s blog but Krishna does the Chinese updates. He deserves some of the credit. What all Members of the DGT (DolyGames Team) do is awesome. 🙂

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