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New Wartune Eudaemons to Appear

Hey guys, in this article I share with you pictures of 2 new Eudaemons which are expected to make an appearance in the next Wartune update (expected sometime in June 2017). Firstly I want to thank the Anonymous person who sent these pictures – thanks (for the future best is to email me, I almost didn’t see your message). Also note that it is way too early to talk about the next update yet, so this is very preliminary info – they might decide to add more or one or none at all until the update.

So here we go:

Eudaemon #1

This one looks like a solid melee Eudaemon. Probably a pure damage dealer.

Eudaemon #2

This one looks like a “Paladin-like” Eudaemon – perhaps a mix of melee with some shield or healing skill.


  • Do you like these Eudaemons?
  • Do you like having more Eudaemons added to Wartune?
  • What special abilities do you think these will have?

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  1. for me not are 2 new eudaemns but 2 new eudaemons mergeds. probably we’ll must have 5 stars in both eudaemons.

    • Lol, I’m still trying to get a blood demon, which seems to be impossible.

      • focus on getting the items to summon a blood demon. Mostly ignore the unimportant ones and you will get a blood demon in no time. Just find out what you need and go for it.

  2. Second one looks pretty cool 🙂 ,ty Cosmos

  3. Tyrael is descending into Balenor! 😀

  4. they do patk+matk like sylph 😛

  5. Yep, i think merge, nothing else. Which, to be honest, would be nice little addition to the game.

  6. I can see it now. Spend xxxxx balens to merge eudaemons… then will come eudaemon version of holy sword. more opportunities to waste both time and money.

    • this time no balens is needed 😛

  7. I would like them to reward us for the useless crap they give us as rewards. Or at least raise the sales price

  8. I think #1 might have a stackable wither ability that either reduces the targets ATK stat for a duration or increases damage taken. I’d also think with the Ax they could go high damage but only single target, maybe a two target attack or double hit. They could also have him give withering stacks as a spectral being that lowers the enemy resistance/dodge abilities.

  9. I like the look of #2 the best. He might have decent defense stats himself, but as he does not wield a shield I think his skills will be more attack based with a possible morale stack boost (maybe heal 1% per stack per turn). Every skill will either do damage plus apply 1 stack to self/1 ally/all ally.

    • Maybe a delphic that applies full stack to all ally and activates the heal tick and another that damages all enemy and adds a heal stack to all allies.

  10. The angel one is using PATK? I am surprised. I think its the first angel looking like to use PATK in this game.

  11. I think the Angel picture is using MATK, instead PATK. Why cause the way it look in gear Helmet + Weapon look like one of those Troops Angels that use MATK Damage & Healing. (Same look having a sword & hood image in Troops for Angels) But I WILL LOVE IT if it gonna be use in Eudaemon 🙂

    The other picture that have Axe weapon, I think that Eudaemon gonna be using PATK cause the way it look w/ those gear the Helmet Look exactly like the Knights Character Gear & Axe from the Lv80 Gear. Even the Clothes of the Image look odd, but I totally think this Eudaemon gonna be PATK.

    There a good reason I think these New Eudaemon will come in one is PATK & other one is MATK. There no way added Two Eudaemon is MATK VS MATK or PATK VS PATK, it have to come in different stats of Eudaemon PATK VS MATK. So other player can choose which one there like.

    I think from the starter when it came out in this order:
    First New Came: Battle Oracle, Sacred Knight & Sanctuary Hunter (MATK + PATK)
    Second New Came: Wind Ranger & Scourage Mage (MATK + PATK)
    Third New Came: Blood Warrior & Frost Panther Lord
    (MATK + PATK)
    4th New Came: Flying Rabbit & Frost Dwarf
    (MATK + PATK)
    5th New Came: Blood Demon (MATK)

    In different random stats coming out New Eudaemon.
    (Not – MATK + MATK) or (PATK + PATK). Should be out like (PATK + MATK) like it should be like I just explain the Eudaemon in Order.

  12. Hey Cosmos, Try give us more detail in those two New Eudaemon like when there change form to & skill. Once there added :p

  13. -idk
    -nope , this is getting very diificult to choose which to have , it has no point bcs when they launch a new eud and we get it and try very hard to lvl it they launch another eud , i think we sould stick with one eud which ever it’s type and neglect all coming euds
    – same as you think , the first one got a knight helmet equip , the second one got a mage helmet equip and a knight sword so yea

  14. This seems very interesting. I’m liking all the theories on merged euda’s, but i doubt it would be free. Maybe free from balens, but its definitely going to be for cashers. It prob requires items that a non-casher will take forever to gather while cashers cash a lot and get it. Thus is the way of wartune. And if they are just regular eudas, I’m going for the angel guys. The first guy needs a Black cloak instead of that tophat. In my view anyways. Good and evil. Reaper and Archangel.

    • Free from balens like: No actual 60k balens will be needed like sylphs. It was kinda bad grammer when put it that way, like its free if you use balens. that contradicts itself. Sorry lol.

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