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New Wartune Eudaemons to Appear (Part 2)

Hey guys, in this, Part 2, article I share with you 2 new pictures of new Eudaemons which are expected to make an appearance in the next Wartune update (expected sometime in June 2017). Firstly I want to thank Hikari who shared these pictures – thanks (for the future best is to email me). Also note that it is way too early to talk about the next update yet, so this is very preliminary info – they might decide to add more or one or none at all until the update.

These look like upgraded versions of the same Eudaemon:

Eudaemon Picture #3

Eudaemon Picture #4


  • Do you like these new Eudaemon designs?
  • Do you like having more Eudaemons added to Wartune?
  • What special abilities do you think these will have?

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  1. The Eudaemon #2 look different than the one you show in other site. This one here look exactly like the First Eudaemon Picture you show.

    So what another picture from Eudaemon #2
    (Look like Angel w/ sword)

    I can tell by looking at it, here this page is smiliar to the First Eudaemon #1 cause of his Gear it wearing on & different than Second Eudaemon Gear it wearing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Both of them are the same as 1# in previous post just leveled up ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Why sะพ strange difference in the BR between 8 and 11 lvl?

    • I would not worry about that; it could simply be that they belong to 2 different people, one stronger one weaker
      – Cosmos

      • Hello))))
        When to upgrade? The number is June?

  4. i hope it’s merging euds not new ones bcs i can’t afford building an eud from scratch and u know how hard is it to lvl , upgrade and enhance eudaemons

  5. the arena is empty, and long overdue, as the characters’ laps take so long. Making PVE in the game is very annoying, we needed pvp too

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