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VIP Mystery Shop Info

Hey guys, months ago when Chinese Wartune got the exciting 5.0 patch, they got the VIP Mystery Shop.

VIP Mystery Shop


  • Balens/Bound Balens to buy items.
  • Level 3+ VIP.

What’s available in the shop?

Since I don’t spend money on Chinese Wartune or have VIP, I cannot access the VIP Mystery Shop. I do know some of the items that are available as well as a picture which was sent from Gabriel. Here are some of the things that are available in the VIP Mystery Shop:

  • Red Equipment Pieces
  • High Level Sub Class Gems
  • High level Hero Gems
  • High level Divinity Souls
  • Legendary 2nd Evolved Seals
  • Possibly Legendary Merged Sylph Seals
  • Mount Cards

VIP Mystery Shop Inside

The legendary 2nd evolved seals cost 80,000 Balens as well as 160,000 VIP Mystery Shop Points. Do you think those 2nd evolved seals are a bit overpriced? Comment below and be sure to ask any questions.

Krishna DolyGames: Hello, I am one of the authors in DolyGames. My articles are mainly focused on Chinese Wartune and New Patch Info. Be sure to check them out by clicking HERE.

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  1. would be nice to see the site 2 and 3 as well, but thanks anyway 🙂

  2. Just about everything is overpriced now. Major cashers will jump at the opportunity, while those with patience with get it for free (may take a year or two), but it beats burning a hole in your wallet for a “free” game.

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