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VIDEO Wartune Patch 7.7.2 + Issues

Hi everyone! In this article I share the overview video for Wartune Patch 7.7.2 and discuss some issues mentioned in the video as well.

Weird stuff going on @ Wartune companies

  • Patch pre-Launch announcement and implementation same day.
  • Implementation on all servers and not pre-Launch first 1 week ahead as usual. Accident?
  • Not implementing on Test server in advance / No testing (this is “normal”).
  • Patch comes with bugs (e.g. no rewards or messed up Possession rewards)

Normal process is supposed to be:

  • X – 1 month prior implementation on Test servers for checking/testing, etc.
  • X – about 2 weeks announcement of pre-Launch and full Launch timings to players.
  • X – 1 week prior implementation on pre-Launch servers for first mass testing.
  • X day implementation on all servers.

Big Issue I see with the Resonance system

In fact the entire patch is only about one thing: the Resonance system.

As you may remember when the Relic system was first introduced we were concerned with the huge Battle Rating increase coming from that system which is significantly more than many other Wartune systems for which players worked for months or even years. Now with this new Resonance system we in fact add additional Battle Ratings from 5 more Artifacts / Relics on top of the one we are already equipping.

Granted we will be inheriting only 1 attribute from each of the 5 locations but we can choose to take the highest stats for those locations. So in reality, once things are maxed out we will be equipping one massive Relic and inheriting a maximum stat level from 5 more Relics. Can you imagine the Battle Rating increase? This system dwarves everything else. You can have a completely “naked” player with 100 mil+ Battle Rating…

I see this as a problem because it is totally not balanced and not healthy for the game Eco-system.

What do you think?

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  1. “This system dwarves everything else”. That is the main point.

    “How can a company find new paying players if these new paying players have little to no chance of cathing older free players in short time?”

    The answer to this question is “this new system”.Also dragonchat is part of this strategy. You have to introduce a new system that new paying players have advantage over old free players.

    • How do you get Ascension crystals?

      • Renosance crystals I meant to say, how do you get those and how do you get Ascension stones??

      • Those have not been added to any rewards so far. So we have to wait for events to get them I suppose.
        – COSMOS

  2. I’m not overly concerned about the potential for BR boosts at this point. The resonance system is only for pennants for now, and won’t be all that powerful for a fairly long time, unless they start giving out a LOT more cast stones and star/moon/sun crystals.
    And I don’t even know where resonance crystals will come from, and you get 0% from the heritage slots until you’ve upgraded at least once.
    They certainly might mess things up by letting people buy their way into too much BR, but there is a very long way to go before people can get max stats from this. The potential maximum is huge today, but might not be so significant down the road, when it becomes possible to reach.

  3. I get they want to focus on their mega-cashing whales, but this is so slanted towards them that the rest of us may as well quit. Yes, they always have an advantage, but you look at the potential numbers and it’s scary. And this Sky trail thing is just plain stupid. I don’t know if they just randomly select new ideas or go for the worst one sometimes. You have all the whales holding all the good slots and the rest of us getting little or nothing.

  4. I think the inflation is necessary to attract new players and enough incentive for us old players to keep active. Cast stones are not that easy to get so it will take time to develop BR.

  5. what is LOWEST resistance of BOSS 24 in Maze?

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