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R2 Published Wartune Patch 7.7.2 Info

Hi everyone! R2 published the Wartune developer’s guides/information on Wartune Patch 7.7.2 which I also share with you below.

Patch Notes & Timing

  • Pre-Launch servers 1st of March 2018
  • All other servers most likely 1 week later on 8th of March 2018. UPDATE: They (accidentally?) installed it on all servers already. There are bugs which hopefully they will fix soon.
  • Added the new Relic Resonance feature. Create resonance between relics for attribute bonuses!
  • Added the new Relic Resonance Pennant system. Equip Relics with different pennants to activate different set bonuses! Try out and explore different pennant combinations!
  • Added the new Sky Trail – Possession Space feature: The new Relic Resonance Pennant has reawakened the once dormant Sky Trail. Now’s the time to possess your own space!
  • Changes to Hero Trial: We have canceled single zone competitions and added 1 more multi zone competition on Sunday in response to player feedback.
  • The annual Valentine’s Day event has ended. Cloud City has been restored to its somber glory.

GUIDE: Relic – Resonance & Pennants


Improve Resonance between your Relics to boost their potential. With the new Pennant system, players can equip Pennant Sets to activate Set Effects. Start a new magical adventure today!



Hover the mouse on the Inventory icon to gain entrance.

Unlock Requirement

Unlocks after class advancement.

Gameplay Info

I. Resonance

1. Interface


2. Details

  • An activated Relic can have resonance or be added into another Relic’s resonance slots.
  • Relics with Resonance activated need to be equipped for Resonance effects to be active.
  • There are 5 Resonance slots. Each slot inherits a different stat. Players can select desired slots to input Relics so the main Relic inherit the chosen stats. (See picture)
  • Select a slot and use Resonance Crystals to improve its level. The higher the Resonance slot level, the higher the stats heritage rate.


II. Pennants

1. Interface


2. Equip

  • There are 6 Pennant slots at the bottom of the Resonance panel. The Pennants inventory displays on the right.
  • 1 Pennant slot is unlocked by default. More slots will be available after filling Relics in Resonance slots. With 5 Resonance slots fulfilled, 6 Pennant slots will be available.

3. Engrave & Recycle

Recycle Pennants in the Recycle panel:


Recycle Pennants to obtain Pennant Engrave Stones, which can be used to improve Pennant Engrave level and raise Pennants stats.


4. Ascension

a. Pennants with maxed Engraving can be ascended in Ascension panel by using Pennant Ascension Stones plus several of the same Pennants with maxed Engraving (requires the same type and quality of Pennant).


b. Pennants Ascension order (low-high): Uncommon – Rare – Epic – Legendary – Mythic

c. Pennants of the same quality need to be consumed in Ascension:

Target Materials Number of Stats
Uncommon Pennant Primitive 1
Rare Pennant Uncommon Pennant x2 2
Epic Pennant Rare Pennant x3 3
Legendary Pennant Epic Pennant x4 4
Mythic Pennant Legendary Pennant x4 4

d. Pennants’ engrave level will be set to 0 after Ascension is completed. Uncommon Pennants have one stat string initially. Each successful ascension adds another string of stat.

5. Pennant Sets

a. Equip two Pennants of the same type to activate the Set Effect. The higher the Pennant quality, the better the Set Effect.


b. Set Effect will be based on the lower qualities if two pennants are equipped of the same type, but with different qualities.


GUIDE: Sky Trail – Possession Space


Do you still think of those adventures on the Sky Trail? Something new awaits you there and the time has come to return. Lords command their armies to battle it out to possess the Sky Trail. Take control of the realm and reap the Pennant rewards that await!


Clear the corresponding realms to enter Possession Space.


Gameplay Info

1. Possession
Complete exploration 100% and defeat the boss to enter Possession Space. Each Realm has 3 Possession Locations that give the same rewards. Players can only take one Possession Location and need to give up their current location if they wish to possess a new location. Players can receive possession rewards and will withdraw automatically after possessing a location for 5 hours.


2. Fight
Players may need to challenge the original holders to possess a location. No rewards will be received if a player loses a location to another player before meeting the required time period of possession.


Possession Rankings


  • This ranking is based on total possession time. Players who have a longer possession time will rank higher.
  • For players with the same amount of possession time, the player who has higher level clearance takes the priority.
  • Ranking data updates hourly. Daily data resets at midnight. Weekly data resets at 00:00 every Monday, at which point weekly rewards will be settled.


Possession Rewards

Possession Rewards are new items – Pennants. Realms with higher difficulties grant more Pennants.

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  1. This info looks the same as what R2 posted in their forum

    • which is what is exactly written in the title of the article “R2 Published Wartune Patch 7.7.2 Info” and in the 1st line “Hi everyone! R2 published the Wartune developer’s guides/information on Wartune Patch 7.7.2 which I also share with you below.”

      or are you too blind to see that?

      • This is why you are losing viewers. There are better sources of information, without your attitude.

      • What attitude? I have clearly written several times the information and you still have a problem about it.
        The fault is not on my side.

      • If you can’t see your attitude issues, maybe you are the one who is blind.

      • You are the accuser. I am the victim of your accusation. I have the right to defend myself and provide proof (which I have) that your accusation is unjust.

      • you cant share something that is not your work. copyright. read about it on R2. you copy, you should go to jail for steal their work.

      • See that’s the problem with uneducated people who are willing to put others into jail or worse without comprehending anything.
        That information was not created by R2. It was published by R2. That information is created by Wartune devs and is given to all Wartune companies and partners for publishing. And I have permission to do the same.
        But of course you don’t give a damn about what’s true and what’s not – for you it is OK to put a blogger into jail for publishing information for players. If you comprehend the sickness of your position I do not know.
        – COSMOS

      • post agreement signed by Wartune that accept you to publish this material!

      • I am not your slave for you to give me orders and you are in no position to demand any documents from me.
        – COSMOS

      • Umm no one said you were a SLAVE idiot

      • How do you get Ascension stones and Resonance crystals

      • Those have not been added to any rewards so far. So we have to wait for events to get them I suppose.
        I made a new video you could check out: Wartune Patch 7.7.2 – RESONANCE / PENNANTS Guide: //–_InBM_ds
        – COSMOS

    • Cosmos, don’t care about these stupid people. They are jealous of your work. They can’t create anything for the community so they blame the others. You’ve done great job over the years of playing Wartune and sharing tips. Keep up good work.

      • Thank you very much for the kind words. Really helps to read it after these insane attacks.
        – COSMOS

      • we’re not jealous of his work. we think its all trash

      • Then why are you here Mr. He Who Speaks for Everyone?
        Feel free to never visit my blog if you think all my work is trash. Nobody is forcing you to visit.
        – COSMOS

      • I think your doing a great job here with everything you do Cosmos.

      • Thank you TheKingOfKings

  2. I think Doly only thinking about web shop now, they do not focus on give us player info anymore. Why support patron when we dont get information anymore, then we can read forum and keep too that

    • Facebook group: Wartune Unofficial
      No adverts in the facebook group and the mods are reasonable people.

    • You are welcome to think what you like but I spend many hours every single day to bring information to players already for 5+ years. It is, of course, disappointing for someone to spit in my face for no reason whatsoever but I guess that’s life.
      Yes I opened a web shop – so what? I have still published content every single day. It is not like I am hiding any information from players and not giving you like you indicated. I am not a God – I don’t have all the information. I publish whatever I can even if people like you do not appreciate all the work and sacrifice that I do.
      – COSMOS

  3. we support patron, it is for getting stuff earlier and getting copy from r2 forum, that is not something i need to pay for, so i give them only couple off days then i cancelled my patron payment

    • Patrons appreciate my work and therefore decide to support it and I do give them extra benefits as thanks.
      I have always done the best I can. If Wartune companies decide to keep some information secret from me so I don’t help players there is not much that I can do about that.
      I really do not understand the nasty attacks against me that 1 or few people decided to post here when I have not done anything wrong. I work every day for players for already 5+ years and it is not fair to put this attitude on me.
      – COSMOS

      • patreon apreciatED your work. now is no work, just copy-paste AFTER event is on and all see it and can read it on R2 forum .

      • Just like R2 copy/pasted the information provided to them by Wartune devs, so are all Wartune companies and partners allowed to publish the same information for players. It is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL practice to publish information provided by Wartune devs for players.

  4. waiting for ur videos on this patch cosmos bro.

  5. The problem with this new this is that players from R2 take rhelm 5 minutes before the player who is in there gets rewards, it just not fair when higher players are always hogging up a space.

    • Players from kabam do it to, they should make it to where it’s not cross server based.

  6. the legendary and mythic pennants are equal or the attributes are increased?

  7. true about this situation is simple. post about this patch on R2 Forum was added today. i think everyone was suprised about that. second reason to add this here (in my opinion) is future posibility to compare devs guides with guides created by DolyGames Team, because Doly’s guide will be created, sooner or later. dont get mad on Cosmos.he didn’t deserved for that.

  8. These people who attack Cosmos are just dumb, keep the good work bro period

    • Yeah keep up with the Copy/Pasting!

      • Yeah keep up with being stupid lol

  9. Cosmos is a p rick… hmm i think he is, a bit… But we are all here reading his work on HIS website which HE build, PAYED FOR hosting and so on?
    You don’t like it? get the fuck out? you want champaign with all this free or what?
    What do you do for free Anonymous? so i can come and spit on it…
    As for the shop or the patron thing its a free world everybody spends his money however he chooses so once again, pls fuck off anonymous.

    Thank you Cosmos for all the “bad work” you do here i will still watch it even if i think you’re a prick 😉


  10. I think we are now seeing a pattern of a “possess as long as possible, and get rewards” systyem in wartune. if there is one thing I like about this update is that they made sky trail worth something for endgame. but yea…getting relics maxed is going to be tough for the long run.

  11. Hey! Do not pay attention to those cheating. There are people who do something and those who are banging on the maker’s. Where can I find Resonance Crystal?

  12. criticizing*

  13. Hey Cosmos, I love your all the hard work you do for us grateful players! Fk the haters! Anyways I wa hoping you could tell us how to get those Resonance Crystals. I haven’t been able to find any yet. Tyvm.
    Sapphire-S551 Glass Mines-Guild:Paradise 28+mil BR
    P.S. Yes I have a decent BR but i still get my ass kicked in Sky Trail Patch and in Time Vortex. So to me none of its balanced

    • Hi Sapphire, thank you.
      For your question: those have not been added to any rewards so far. So we have to wait for events to get them I suppose.
      I made a new video you could check out: Wartune Patch 7.7.2 – RESONANCE / PENNANTS Guide: //–_InBM_ds
      – COSMOS

  14. Hi! What is block rate(2 Rat Pennant)?
    Block stats do not change.

    • That’s an interesting question. It is the first time they have given this stat. It is supposed to increase the frequency of blocks by the specified amount (1% green). But it is near impossible to test if it actually works – that’s why I prefer to take damage related benefit instead.
      – COSMOS

  15. where you get the resonance crystals

  16. Whats with all these dumb comments? People don’t have a life and attack dolygames whos giving them free information and guides on new stuff, yes he as patreon to help him out like many have and what bout it? if you don’t support it don’t complain and also cosmos can only give info to an extent since he doesn’t have all info or hidden info that doesn’t come public. also screw R2 forums im not on R2 servers i prefer come here for info.
    Its pathetic what some people say here.

    keep the good work cosmos apreciate all the info and guides.

    • thanks for the support

  17. Cosmos, do you know or have you heard anything about a new dungeon that may give new items

    • Hi DragonWitch, if you are referring to the next Wartune patch then no – I believe nobody has the information yet about it, but as soon as I receive it (I hope) I will be happy to post about it.

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