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Sky Trail Possession Space Tips (Wartune Patch 7.7.2)

Hey everyone, here I already share with all players some extra info and tips for Wartune Patch 7.7.2:

Sky Trail Possession Space Locations

If you are on the last floor of Sky Trail you may think there are only 3 locations to be possessed. Don’t worry, you can take up a location on ANY floor and in ANY room so there are actually a lot of location possibilities.

There are more than 180 locations (20 floors, 3-6 rooms in each floor) so there is a lot of space to be taken.

Naturally the best rewards are on top, but lower BR players can take up locations on the lower floors.

Possession Space Tips / “Strategy”

I put “strategy” in quotation marks because the system is not built for much strategy but simply favors the most active players primarily (bummer for casual players) and, naturally, high BR. That said, there is a 5 hour window for the possession to be completed, which means:

  • Active players can take new locations every 5 hours to get maximum Ranking / Rewards
  • Lower floors have a higher chance of you keeping a location but the rewards are lower
  • Taking locations at night when a lot of players are sleeping can yield you higher chances of holding and higher rewards

Sky Trail Possession Space Weekly Rewards

The weekly rewards are based on the amount of time players hold locations. So very active players will have a big advantage to take the top rankings.

Possession Space Access

Some players may get confused about accessing Possession Space. To go there:

  • Go to Sky Trail
  • Click EXPLORE on any room
  • (A) Click the Possession Location icon on the right side to take up 1 of the 3 locations or,
  • (B) Change your floor by clicking “Upper Level”
  • Find a floor and room where there is an empty spot and click “Possess”

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  1. then: boring event and weekly rewards useless for all free players. also that strongs. with 30,7m br , i can’t keep any occupation or only for 1h if i’ll be lucky . more time will elapse and more will be hard for our poor mortals.

    event to skip for who is a free player.

    • 30M br is nothing, thats why you cant keep it.

      • It’s a lot for free players, and if free players can’t hold a slot, what’s the point? I know for a mega casher like you it’s great, but for the rest of us it’s another middle finger from Wartune.

      • 30 mil is actually pretty good, not everyone can be mega spenders. Also, UlrickIV what free player has a br of 30 mil? No one has that without having spent at all or been playing around the beginning of the game’s launch

    • You need patience and stick to lower tiers. Rewards arent hugely different there and I ahve guildies wtih 10 or 15m holding stuff just fine.

      • I have several 6 million RB toons that have no problem getting the 1 and 3 hour rewards

  2. If I figured it right, there are 270 spots if you have all 20 levels open.

  3. problem is not wartune or spots. Problem are stupid players that take you down at 2:55 on 3 hour bonus spot. And mostly “great” strong players do it

  4. what do we do with those green items we get?

  5. Wow, what a gong show it is! Whales are camping at lower levels to ensure holding times. My spot is stolen after 1 minute… I’ll skip this event because for non-whales it’s undoable. No strategy will allow a 30m br free player to beat cashers at every level of skytrail. EVERY LEVEL.

  6. One more event where non casher will blame cashers for all. If you are low stick too the low floor, casher will go for best rewards from floor 15 and up. I am so tired off all the complains from non casher about the casher all the time. Yes it is great guys you are not casher and you are doing great job to work with your account but remember if you guys want respect from us casher start respect us also. Why should we respect you and let you stay in for 5 hrs, when the only thing we hear is complain about us cash in game to have some benefit.

    • I, for one, am not generalizing all cashers. There are some really considerate and friendly heavy cashers I know of. But there are bad apples as well. Consider this, I had a toon who occupied floor 2, guess what 10 minutes later, I got booted out from my post by an S6 player! A very stong one at that (been hearing about him a lot during outlands). So, I said, I’ll chill and transfer to floor 1 instead, was surprised, after barely a minute, that same idiot casher booted me out again from my post. Now tell me if cashers will always go for top rewards. Sure if there are still spots there, mega cashers will likely go occupy them that give the biggest rewards, but note that there are only 200+ slots and this is a cross server event. Put it bluntly, not enough slots to keep all the cashers occupied. So in the end, the low BR people (mostly from new servers) are the ones on the losing end. How could I respect someone like that?

      • they should add more stage

        20 stages isnt enough r2 / devs or whoever should make it upto 100 stages of sky trail

        or even let sky trail explores drop a pendant in a search

      • Its not cashers that do this, its idiots that do it just for fun when your couple of minutes off rewards, so when time is up instead of it being ready to possess they are knocked off, and have to go look somewhere else, hence they take the spots over and over if you dont see a space or one is due to be free in a few mins wait and you can take it them all that happens if you knock someone off before rewards they come back and do same to you so no one wins a little consideration is all thats needed whether you pay or not

    • How does someone who worked for everything they got respect someone who just paid for it?

      • Because those who paid also worked for their money and those are the people who pay for the game allowing everyone else to play for free.

  7. yes another goal for strong players that get the best rewards so get stronger even a moderate casher cant compete with these events. they should start everyone one off with the same chance for each event and thus each player has the same opportunity to grow with the new skills.

  8. They should simply take away the ability to claim a spot that’s already filled. Once it is occupied they get the reward after 1, 3 or 5 hours depending on the spot. This game has introduced too much opportunity for griefers. It’s lost its “fun”.

  9. either give loser reward for being booted under the 1 hr reward or lock the 1 hr protection buff so cant be kicked


    make sky trail 1hr 3hr and 5hr 1 time attempt

    example once u did the 1 hr its locked and cant claim again then wen u hit 3 hrs then do same and so on if kicked while waiting for 3 hrs u can re enter to try for 3 hrs again as u avnt claimed itsame with 5 hrs

    this way every 1 has a chance on a reward

  10. the advice i gave our low br players is to look out for empty posts or ones where the time is nearly up, this way u dont draw attention to yourself by taking it from anyone, if u take from someone then chances are they will ask a bigger guildy to take it back and it just goes on and on,

    i also tell my smaller player if they get the 1 hr reward and they are onlne to go back in and jump out and back in to reset timer that way they get 1hr rewards again and dont get disheartened when they get kicked at 2hr 58mins

  11. It’s hard to defend your spot because the event is bugged and doesnt use your sylph when defending.

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