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Eagle Warrior Wartune Patch 7.5 Evolution + Video

Hey everyone! This short post is dedicated to the Eagle Warrior, a new Willpower, added in Wartune Patch 7.5. Here I will present 3 things:

  • His maxed out picture with skills.
  • His evolution illustration I prepared showing how his look develops from low to high level.
  • The video review that I did.

1) Eagle Warrior Wartune Patch 7.5

2) Illustration: Eagle Warrior Evolution from Low to High Level

3) VIDEO: Wartune Patch 7.5 – EAGLE WARRIOR Review NEW WILLPOWER

YouTube PLAYLIST: Wartune Patch 7.5

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  1. What is he a merge of?

    • the only thing we all wanted to know…

      • 😀 manin thing yes , but we can know it from the other post about develpoer patch 7.5 .here in the website

  2. SeaWtich is a merge of wind ranger and blood warrior
    Death Specter is a merge of frost panther lord and flying rabit
    eagle warrior is a merge of frost dwarf and blood demon

  3. 4 seawitch in titan temple will be faking broken…heal every 15sec…

    15 mill br and still have trouble beating 4 oracle already…

    I hope they are giving out animate stone somewhere else too…

  4. Willpower resistance essence, res reduction essence, and warpath crystals are used how? Do they require a certain level as the skillbooks are lvl 8 I think.

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