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Sea Witch Wartune Patch 7.5 Evolution + Video

Hey everyone! This short post is dedicated to the Sea Witch, a new Willpower, added in Wartune Patch 7.5. Here I will present 3 things:

  • His maxed out picture with skills.
  • His evolution illustration I prepared showing how his look develops from low to high level.
  • The video review that I did.

1) Sea Witch Wartune Patch 7.5

Sea Witch is a merged or fused with a level 10 Wind Ranger and Blood Warrior.

2) Illustration: Sea Witch Evolution from Low to High Level

3) VIDEO: Wartune Patch 7.5 – SEA WITCH Review NEW WILLPOWER

YouTube PLAYLIST: Wartune Patch 7.5

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  1. wasnt on the video and hearing in BGs that heal skills are not triggering at all? Can you give any clarification? As i was looking at this for my first willpower

    • Hi, no I’m not Wartune’s owner so i cannot comment on bugs and when bugs will be fixed.
      Has to be clarified also if it is a bug or a low chance of skill trigger if you are talking about Passive Skill.
      Otherwise she has a ton of active heals so even if the passive does not work it is still too much in my opinion.
      – COSMOS

      • Hi, I am not asking for comments on bug or when it would be fixed. I am asking for clarifcation on how the active heal skills work (not delphi heal)

        i am refering to the active heal skills. I have heard that other then the “delphi” which is manually triggered, none of the others seem to be triggered, so 3 active heals that never do anything. Can you not test this somehow and confirm?

      • hi, i will try to find out

  2. how can u put willpower in 2nd edu slot, i just made 2nd willpower n cant put it there, pls help or suggest

    • You cannot. As was already explained it is for Main Slot only.

      • thn whts the point of having multiple willpower kids, its just a waste to make more

  3. Did any1 knew that when u use 2 lvl 10 eudamons the willpower will be lvl 1? I just did my 1st one and i’m really not impressed, takes 3 k blood of zeus to upgrade each lvl on top of what i used on the euds to get them to lvl 10.

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