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Speed Clearance Drop Rate Analysis [Ragged Chest]

Hey guys, in this article I share with you the drop rate analysis for the Ragged Chest from Wartune’s Patch 6.5 new feature Speed Clearance. This is a very accurate report based on a large data collection of 3246 chests. If anyone wants to help with data collection please refer to the forms I have opened for submission.

Ragged Chest Observations

  • The first thing that I saw is that all drops have a very similar around 20% chance of dropping.
  • I believe if an infinite amount of chests were opened we would see an exact 20% rate. Some minor fluctuations are visible due to non-infinite data sample, which is perfectly acceptable.
  • A big surprise was to see the Talent Stones at the same level as other rewards, however it is indeed just 1 single Talent Stone.

This chest is definitely a great chest for a low BR young character. It will allow faster Troop Upgrades, the gold would most likely go for Astrals and Holy Forge. The Blood of Zeus will help greatly being Eudaemons to a more helpful level 8. Put the Talent Stones into the Guild Vault to use later when you reach Knighthood.

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    • 🙂

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  3. hey plz analysis for guild chest too because i saw mystic quality chest

  4. Highest guild chest appear is 300 yellow crystal which takes 8h

  5. Will more things come in the new patch?

    • what patch? this article has nothing to do with any patch announcements

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