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Speed Clearance Drop Rate Analysis [Plain Chest]

Hey guys, in this article I share with you the drop rate analysis for the Plain Chest from Wartune’s Patch 6.5 new feature Speed Clearance. This is a very accurate report based on a large data collection of 3778 chests. If anyone wants to help with data collection please refer to the forms I have opened for submission.

Plain Chest Observations

  • 1 million Gold and Daru and also the 100k Kyanite seem to have the exact same chance setting of around 14% or 1 of every 7 chests, although a bit more Daru dropped in the data at 14.6%.
  • Next 3 item set seems to be 20 Blood of Zeus, 20 Bead of Influence and 20 Soul Seal; all of which seem to have a 13% setting or 1 of every 8 chests.
  • 20 Empire Truncheons come next with a 12% chance and are a wanted item for raising medallions, which was tough to get before.
  • Lastly, the rare item in this chest are the 5 Talent Stones which have a 6.1% chance of dropping or 1 in every 20 chests.

This chest contains significantly more rewards than the Rugged Chest and is definitely a great chest for a medium BR character. Additional to what I already said related to the Rugged Chest, this Plain Chest will further help to max out Soul Engraving, Fate Influence, help the non-cashers and light cashers to bring up their medallions and while the 1 Talent Stone was a small amount in the Rugged Chest, the 5 Talent Stones here already start to add up and help to start raising those tough Knighthood Talents.

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  1. and how did you get 3311 chests at this point?

  2. He didnt its data from others.All can send it you can find posts he made little while ago to fill data in google sheets:)

  3. Knowing the drop rate won’t change the fact that we gonna open chest anyway.

    • nobody said you should not open the chests

  4. Here a better thing if u open 50chest ur chance of getting talent stone n other things is higher than opening less than 50 chest from what I see.

    • normally each item has a set probability so it does not matter if you open 1 or 1000 the chance is exactly the same per 1 chest

      • Maybe u need to open 50 chest together and 50 chests one by one to satisfy this one. Ty for this article.

  5. DEVLOPERS chaaange Gift Code Redemption! Are USELESS items there! Bring back UNDERGROUND Palace! And ADD events in the morning, not all have time to play in afteernoon!!!!!!!!!! Need event at 5 in the morning before i go to work. For example Battleground, cross-server mpd. Also not all that play in European servers are from Europa, many from USA, Australia, India, Indonesia etc. Mix that events lot better!!!!!! FIX number of items in shops. Many shops have for example 1 (one) Advanced henna at price of Smelt Stone or more. Change it in 50 or 100. We cant use under 100 Advanced Henna in 1 click tatoo. FIX once for all that ERROR in Holy Forge. You need 15 clamps to 1 forge click. Before needed only 3 versus 1. now 15 versus 5. But when about reward in Hot events, they not give reward for 3 versus 1. Because they consider 15 (or 45 for artefact) to be 1 forge click. Please please fix this Holy Forge back! And doly please review all your articles and update answers and inside info! All no longer available articles, add RED SECTION and TOP SIGN so all know is no longer available article! Click in search for example ‘Refinement lock’ and see how many irelevant articles are there, for what you search, and lot of time to read all just to see is no usefull info about what you search, just few words in one of them – find in events. That i can imagine myself, if i read dolly about an item, need exactly where/what event updated, not from 2014 or older. Thank you for your work, but if work is just to pile up, the all info-tower will fall down without update/review to old articles!

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