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Speed Clearance Drop Rate Analysis [Exquisite Chest]

Hey guys, in this article I share with you the drop rate analysis for the Exquisite Chest from Wartune’s Patch 6.5 new feature Speed Clearance. This is a somewhat accurate report based on a decent data collection of 268 chests. Naturally, it would be nice to have a lot more, but since this is the rarest of the 3 chests of Speed Clearance it is hard to gather many. If anyone wants to send in additional data for a Version 2 report please gather a bunch of chests and email me with the data.

Exquisite Chest Drops

This is a large & “rare” chest with 12 good items in it that we saw from the data.

  • 100 Star Dust
  • 20 Polishing Orb
  • 20 Talent Stone
  • 1 Level 6 HP Gem
  • 1 Level 7 HP Gem
  • 1 Level 8 HP Gem
  • 1 Level 4 HP Diamond
  • 1 Level 5 HP Diamond
  • 1 Level 6 HP Diamond
  • 1 Level 4 HP Divinity Soul
  • 1 Level 5 HP Divinity Soul
  • 1 Level 6 HP Divinity Soul

Exquisite Chest Observations

  • Almost 70% of the time we should expect to receive only 3 items from the list: 100 Star Dust @ 22% chance, 20 Polishing Orb @ 24.6% chance and 20 Talent Stone @ 20.9% chance.
  • Even though these are the most common items they are all very useful, especially the Polishing Orbs and the Talent Stone
  • Next, 12.7% of the time one of the HP Gems will drop. This is very useful for lower BR players, but only a limited usefulness for high BRs. The best, level 8 Gem, has a very low chance of appearing @ 1.5%, so roughly once in every 70 chests.
  • Next, 10.8% of the time one of the Eudaemon HP Diamonds will drop. This is somewhat useful for players since we can earn our diamonds via Bounty Targets. The best, level 6 Diamond, has a very low chance of appearing @ 1.9%, so roughly once in every 50 chests.
  • Lastly, 9.0% of the time one of the Sylph Divinity Souls will drop. These are the most useful of the various “Gem” drops because our Sylph Expedition earnings are not sufficient for our needs. The best, level 6 Sylph Divinity Soul, has a very low chance of appearing @ 1.9%, similar to the Diamond, so roughly once in every 50 chests.

In conclusion, this chest contains very nice rewards, especially for light cashers or non-cashers, and is definitely a great chest for all players.

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  1. What about the empire truncheons?

    • Empire truncheons drop from the plain chests.

  2. Ty vm aquiring and presenting these data

    • 🙂

  3. i am getting good talent stones from plain chest.
    seldom had exquisite chest since i run 3 person.

  4. How to do the analysis , i want to send you report of me attempting 1k+ times to get Odin tommorow on lucky exchange..

    • Hi, I believe i just replied to your email, Excel is great, notepad / email is fine too – just make sure to record all things correctly

      • Yea ty .. wasnt sure my mail would reachxD

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