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Crown Chest Exchange Drop Rate Analysis

Hey everyone! In this article I share with you my Drop Rate analysis of the Crown Chest Exchange Crown Chest icon Wartune Events 19 JAN 2018 (20 Jan 2018). This looked like more of a casher-only exchange, however, for the first time ever, Wartune admins added the possibility to exchange a bunch of resources (30 exchanges max for each of 6 categories = 30 x 6 = 180 chests) into Crown Chest event chests allowing all players to participate in this exchange, which is a very welcome change. I can only hope we will have more possibilities to trade-in resources in the future.

I will start by showing you the visual chart / illustration I prepared and after that I will put expected quantities which is nice to see as well.

Please note that the drops do not include all items because items like mounts are very rare and I did not get any of these very rare drops, so just assume that whatever is not on this chart has 5-10 times less chance than the rarest item.

CHART – Crown Chest Exchange Drop Rate Analysis

Crown Chest Exchange 20 Jan 2018 Drop Rate Analysis 2

In the above chart naturally the drops called “Rare Item” are not included.

  • I would say the drops are quite nice in general – all items are useful.
  • Even the larger quantities are very much attainable such as 60 smelting stones or 30 cast stones (so they are not shown just for tricking), but also the smaller quantities do add up.
  • The most rare (apart from mounts) that was in the sample were the 40 Sylph Soul Orbs at 1.6%. I was surprised about this as they are less important than Polishing Orbs for example, although they are also very useful for Inscription.
  • Essence of Zeus seems to be considered as a valuable item by the Wartune admins and therefore is given in small quantity only and with a lower drop frequency, although I don’t think that players really care about this item as it is not at all visible in our daily Wartune game-play.
  • In the Blue Pouches, as expected the vast majority are the 1 Pouch drops (~8 out of 10). The 3 Blue Pouches were the ones that rarely dropped (~4 out of 100).

The Exchange window for reference:

Crown Chest Exchange 20 Jan 2018

Quantity Expectations per 180 Chests

Again to note that I do not speak about the mounts because those are very rare / “luck drops”.

That said, these are the quantities players can expect to receive from 180 Crown Chests exchanges (which is the max amount based on resource trade-ins):

  • 61 Blue Pouches
  • 212 Sylph Soul Orbs Sylph Soul Orb icon Wartune Patch 6.5
  • 210 Clothing Refinement Stones
  • 474 Smelting Stones Smelting Stone icon Wartune 1
  • 300 Polishing Orbs Polishing Orb icon Wartune Patch 6.5
  • 327 Cast Stones Lord's Trial Cast Stone icon Wartune
  • 54 Essences of Zeus Essence of Zeus icon Wartune
  • + 3 “Rare Item” drops such as 40 Sylph Soul Orbs, 40 Polishing Orbs, 30 Clothing Refinement Stones

Final Words & Discussion

  • I think this is a good “new” exchange with useful items.
  • The new ability to trade in gathered resources for event chests is a welcome addition to Wartune. Hopefully they will add this to every new event.
  • The best or “most valuable for players” drops are probably the Cast Stones and Clothing Refinement Stones for those who don’t do the Dreamlands. Other items are welcome but because costs keep going up then these quantities have less significance. A good example of this is smelting stones where 474 would be considered great some time ago but after the new year it only constitutes maybe 10% from 1 level.
  • I think Mounts should be also placed in the “Rare Item” drop. It makes no logical sense that the most rare items are not in the Rare Items.

So what do you guys think?

  • Was this report useful to you?
  • Do you like this event?
  • Do you want more such changes in Wartune?

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  1. i used 280 crown chests and only got 67 pouches

    • I noticed i had a typing error for the Pouches, i corrected it to 61 Pouches expectation for 180 chests based on the data.
      That is still a bit higher compared to your 280 chests (the equivalent would be 95 Blue Pouches expectation) but it is a prediction based on drop rates and it is roughly accurate.

  2. I was using sepulcrum for 5 crown chest and I don’t know if I am so lucky cause I’ve get a mount now

    • If that’s true then that is definitely extremely lucky.
      If true – congratulations! 🙂
      – COSMOS

  3. great article, good work

    • Thank you 🙂

  4. Another typo would be that u put 1,2 & 3 blue pouches when its supposed to be 1,2 & 10. Good breakdown in drops rates for this tho

    • Although the event picture says 10 I only received 1, 2 or 3, I never received 10. I know this because I opened chests 1 by 1 and wrote the data from the chat.

  5. i had 180 chests from exchange
    gave me 65 pouches and both mounts

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