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The Sacrifice of Thor – Merged Tier 2 Sylphs

Hey everyone! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you sacrifice the highest tier Sylphs such as Thor? Well, in this short post, I am going to give you the answer to that question right now!

Sacrificing THOR Sylph

Firstly, this is probably not something you should be doing at present as this sylph is very hard to come by. But as it becomes easier to upgrade, refine and merge sylphs, we might be doing this sometime in the near future.

If you select your Thor (or any other Merged Tier 2 (red) sylph) and click on sacrifice then you will get a popup saying that you will receive 4800 to 6000 Sepulcrums. This is wrong information because it is not “normal” Sepulcrum but Advanced Sepulcrum.

When you type “YES” and confirm the sacrifice you will see in the chat how many Advanced Sepulcrum you received. In my example here, you can see I received 5100 Advanced Sepulcrum, which is a pretty solid amount.


  • Were you surprised by this info?
  • When would you guess will be your first time to sacrifice the best sylphs?
  • Do you think the amount of Adv. Sepulcrum are appropriate for sacrificing Thor (or other similar)?

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  1. One thing i notice in that picture is how low the sepulcrum levels on a free thor are…you would need 37,246 adv sepulcrum to max that. I needed only 17,579 adv sepulcrum to max out odin after i refined it from a maxed out loki (loki uses regular sepulcrum)…less than half. (i have images but don’t know how i would send them)

    • This is true, it took me the same amount of adv sep after refining loki into odin.

    • thats because that Thor was from a seal and when you get them from a seal it has that little amount of sep and since is already a sophisticated one needs adv sep so not so worth investing on it :p

  2. Some ways, a Tyre is better than a Thor seal. You need seps, but most people have stacks of those going to waste. Refining materials is a lot, but the sylph events yields a ton of boxes that you can exchange for those materials. All those adv seps you need for a Thor seal vs materials you get through a sylph exchange…. With patience, I think a Tyre is better since you don’t have to waste thousands of adv seps.

  3. Really? U sacrifice it for advance speculum? I mean really? Lol, i will give u my 20k advance speculum in my vault if u want. Geeez what kind of tips is this.

    • Well its not a tip is just a what if thing
      and also we dont know from which account are thos epics maybe they are for a test server were it doesn matter if he does something like that

    • Where the hek does it say that this is a tip?
      Nowhere is written any kind of recommendation to do this and on the contrary it is clearly written that players probably should not do this at present.
      – Cosmos

    • “tip” ? but why ?
      I think this is an analysis

    • Well elly, not all of us have 20k adv seps in their inventory….I know I’m one of them. I did appreciate this “tip” because if I had a Thor seal, I would dump it to get the adv Seps….I’d do that because I have a maxxed out Tyre waiting to become Thor.

  4. Info very cool, ty for your work. :3

    • thanks buddy 🙂
      – Cosmos

  5. Just a tip, but in he past I wrote about something similar.

    Upgrading Medusa / Triton / Zeus and Cerberus. As sacrificing them yields 2600-3000 sepulcrums, yet for some cheap items upgraded gets you Advanced sepulcrums 2600-3000.

    My guild farms them for items in sylph events…. you can free farm and use chests from events to stock back up on refine items.

    • B.T.W. Upgrade = Refine to Poseidon / Goddess / Ares / and correction (Herc to Zeus)

  6. Also Cosmos, any words of what’s to come in new patch? Other than you euad posts?

  7. Hey,

    The same amount of adv sep u can get from any red sylph. The amount of sep is given by the color advancement.

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