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Holy Sword Inscription – Originally for Patch 6.5

Hey guys, there was a new feature inside the Holy Sword system called Inscription that was originally intended to be installed together with the Wartune Patch 6.5. However, for whatever reason it was decided not to implement it and postpone it to a future patch, so most likely we will receive it in June 2017. That said, either due to bad planning or due to confusion the French Wartune which was normally always behind us by about 1-2 patches did receive this, which is why I can talk about it ahead of time.

In the French system they call it “Relic inscription”, but for us it will be INSCRIPTION which will be a tab under the Holy Sword. Below I am putting English translations from the French system announcement and adding my own knowledge / comments.

6 Holy Sword Inscription Stats to Upgrade

There are a total of 6 inscriptions on the interface: Dispute, Iron Body, Protection, Eternity, Emptiness and Illusion. Increasing their levels allows you to get bonus attributes.

  • Inscription Dispute: Attack
  • Inscription Body: Physical Defense
  • Inscription Protection: Magic Defense
  • Inscription Eternity: Health
  • Inscription Empty: Resistance to Light
  • Inscription Illusion: Resistance to Darkness


In the lower right corner of the interface, there are 3 options: Enchanted Pearl, Injection Pearl and Piercing Pearl, players can select materials to consume. Note: those are the French names, in English we have the 3 Sylph Orbs which you are familiar with and can recognize from the picture:

Clicking on UPGRADE / TEMPER makes it possible to transform the materials into an experience for the inscriptions. The experience will be distributed in the 6 Inscription Stats randomly. When the experience reaches a certain amount there will be a level increase and the corresponding bonus will be activated.

All 6 Inscription Stats are in the open state by default, players can close 1-5 enrollment to apportion the experience specifically in open locations. Doing this will consume some diamonds. Note: kind of the same logic like the equipment refining where locking costs balens.

Central Inscription / Spell Activation and Leveling

When the levels of the 6 Inscription Stats reach to level 10, the spell in the middle, Wrath of Spirits, will be unlocked. Then each time the 6 Inscriptions rise by 10 levels, the spell in the middle goes up one level.

Spell Wrath of Spirits (French name)

This is a passive spell which works in the sylph awakened state.
With each attack, there is a certain chance (starting from 30%) to increase 500 awakening points. And the rate increases with the level of the spell.

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  1. there is french version? which server is that? :O

    • There are a number of different Wartune versions in the World.

      • So there are french and chinese, what else?

      • At least German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Brazilian, Indonesian. And I believe several more I am not aware about.

      • there is also arabian version but it’s way behind us .
        old version , very hard to gain br there and kinda for cashers .
        most free players quit there

  2. Thanks looking forward to this

    • Welcome 🙂

  3. June 2017, or July 2017?!

    • patch? latest info is expected in July

  4. Just wondering if anyone knows if we are ever gonna get the patch with inscription

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