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Electro + Fire Sylphs Thor and Tyre

Hey guys, expected to arrive in Wartune on Thanksgiving are the Electro + Fire sylph fusions, Thor and Tyre. Here are pictures of them and skills at the bottom:

Electro + Fire Sylph Tyre

Electro+Fire Sylph Thor

Electro + Fire Sylphs Thor and Tyre “Wallpaper”

Electro Fire Double Attribute Sylph Skills

Update: R2 released info on 2 skills so here it is:

Molten Might Passive Skill

Increases damage dealt by 5%, stacks up to 20 times.

Lighting Splash Passive Skill

Has a chance to deal 50% damage to an extra target when attacking.

Delphic Skill 1

Cast explosive damage to a single target, increasing their damage received by 20%, lasts 2 turns.

Delphic Skill 2

Hit one or two enemies and increase all party’s attack speed for 2 turns.

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  1. Milking time, whales! Get your balens ready…

  2. Don’t care.

  3. Another issue with this game are things like these refined sylphs. 1% will pay for this, the 99% get angry…
    Im wondering if the whales even buy this with the current state of this broken game…….

  4. very nice, i think electro + fire sylph will be powerful attack since cerberus and hercules are strong sylphs. for outfit my favourite fused sylph is water + wind but maybe this is more powerful (water has more heal skills and less attack)

  5. even when lower price to 30k and open it to bb, still wont buy any of them. reason ? simple: fix all bugs and erase lag first before pressing last dime out of dump idiots that would pay even when game would slow down to 1 fps due to massive lag, seems too much money erases the brain functions

  6. Just an FYI – the Thor is broken. The Delphic is bugged and does 0 damage in Sylph Expedition when you use an ally’s.

    Go figure. 🙂

  7. How much do the metal skills cost?

  8. Tyvm cosmos. I was going to go bi elemental for yhe skills however for the skill cost, I can’t do it.

  9. Question….. since Tyre is both PATK and MATK, should you use both PATK and MATK gems in gear?

    • our recommendation is to use the attack type that is the highest natural attack of the sylph (shown on the right side of the sylph stats window

      • Merged sylph has a intellect and strenght almost equal.

        From above (first green stats)
        1. Strenght
        2. Armor
        3. Intellect
        4. Endurance

        So we have to use double divinity souls or use the attack of character (mage-intellect and archer,knight-strenght)?

        Sorry for my English, this is not my native language

      • 1) Nobody knows the truth because the Wartune companies have not released formulas and likely never will.

        2) Consequently we can only try to figure things out and give recommendations based on what we know.
        If you look at this screenshot:
        you can see that Strength is 2950 while Intelligence is 2555 (right bottom).
        We believe this is the game giving an indication of how it works. In the past before merged sylphs it also worked that way. This is why we recommend to follow the attack type which is the highest one of the 2.
        – COSMOS

      • So simply we have a chance to choose what attack we wanna use in battle.

        Thanks for fast response.

        Best regard

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