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My First Merged Sylph: Freya!

So I finally decided to make my first merged sylph. This has been a long time coming, an there’s really nothing I’ve ever been asked about more than “Elia when are you going to make Odin?” This isn’t quite Odin yet, but it’s at least something 🙂

The reason I decided to go with Freya first instead of Odin (which I could make), is because I’ve been using my Poseidon a lot lately, and really wanted an even stronger sylph option for Titan and Chaos War. Also the Wind+Water sylph, Freya and her “sophisticated” form, Frigga, are the cream of the crop support troops in Class Wars, so this is something I’d definitely want eventually. I’m now thinking about collecting the rest of the items I need to merge Odin for free, which will take some time, not to mention that merge would require me to recharge, which I’m not very keen to doing at the moment.

As far as why make the Freya now, I think it’s a lot of detail to cover, so I’ll let the video speak for itself, but this is definitely an unexpected set of spenders to me. I didn’t imagine I’d go for Advanced Henna, but after doing the math, the amount of potential MATK I can earn from tattoos was very tempting.

I haven’t thought of a cute name for her, so suggestions are welcome 🙂

VIDEO: Wartune Sylph Merge – Wind and Water Sylph FREYA 

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  1. grats girl, way to go with ur choice; nd then the name could be KungFu Panda :p

  2. grats elia! as a fun of your, im happy that you made a fusion slyph! and freya is a good choice too. very helpful. and as a name for her…. i would go for something japanese so you may not like them 😀

  3. congrats Elia! 🙂
    Freya is my favourite sylph (for outfit)

  4. Congrats Eli my friend! Hope you enjoy that legendary sylph 😛

  5. Can you refine sylphs with bound ballens as well?

  6. Call her “Veyron” 😛

  7. Congratz

  8. congats should be called “Vagazzal” just so people google what it is!

  9. I;m thinking about making a Thor, as it’s different and the fire and electro combo would be difficult to handle as ev1 will have dark, light resist crystals more than any other resists… think?

  10. I wound up getting a Freya in Golden Tree. All my sylphs are named after the Welsh/Celtic equivalent of the standard Sylph name. So my Freya is Branwen.

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