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Merged Sylphs we don’t have yet (Overview September 2015)

Hey guys, tons of you were asking about the other merged sylphs and instead of me replying to every single person, I decided to make this overview on all of the merged sylph we don’t have yet. There are currently only Wind +Water and Fire + Electro Merged Sylphs available in Chinese Wartune but you never know, we may get something different.

Disclaimer: We may or may not get some of these features on our servers. If we get some of these features in our western servers, there may be changes to it.

Wind + Water Merged Sylphs:

Sylph Fusion Wind and Water

Wind + Water Red Sylph

Learn more about the Wind + Water Sylphs by clicking HERE:

Fire + Electro Merged Sylphs:

Fire + Electro Sylph Fusion Featured Image

Sylph Fusion of Fire + Electro Panel ORANGE

Check out these OP Sylphs by clicking HERE.

Both of these sylphs have their own specialty which makes it hard for players to choose for merging their sylphs. If you are willing to merge your sylphs, I would recommend you to hold your decision until Western Wartune gets both of these Double Attribute Sylphs since they may change something. Hope you guys enjoyed both of these articles and be sure to comment below or ask questions.

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  1. wau soon for 60k balens nice … very nice stupid

  2. why all Merged Sylphs withe balnes alot off plaer cant and dont have mony 2 do this and this not good for this game alot plaer leave ths game for this you sid this game play free but you make every good thang withe balnse

  3. The wind/water syllh should come with the next update.

  4. Can we use bound blaens for this marge ???

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