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Merged Sylphs, Dragon Soul, Patrol and House

Hey guys, in this Wartune compilation post we share with you info and pictures shared by Zack, Kazuto and Fernando:

Merged Sylphs for Bound Balens

Info shared by Zack (thanks): Went to make a merged sylph and had the option to use bound balens and it actually did only use the bound balens. Guess it was a silent change but never saw it mentioned here or on R2’s forum so figured may as well get the word out.
Note: we had now a whole bunch of confirmations that this information is correct so we are basically 100% confident that this is correct. Thanks to everyone for confirming that bound balens work.

Dragon Soul cut off from Class Advancement

Info shared by Kazuto (thanks): it might be worthwhile to point out, especially to players on new servers, that you no longer need class advancement to level up your advanced dragon soul. This change was fairly recent (occurred in the last patch) while other websites still state that class advancement is required for anything beyond legendary dragon souls.

Eudaemons Upgrading and Patrolling

As everyone is growing their Eudaemons we have more and more of them busy working in the Patch 5.6’s new feature Eudaemon Patrol, either on upgrades or getting rewards from patrolling. The picture below is shared by Fernando¬†(thanks) where he has 23 of his kids working ūüôā

Wartune house fully furnished by Fernando

This picture Fernando shared on Facebook but I thought to add to this compilation post as it is nice also. Fernando’s comment was “if I’m not mistaking there are 23 items total lol”

Hope you guys liked this various Wartune info and pictures post; if you have something to share feel free to add in the comments below.

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  1. I can confirm that merged sylph now uses Bound Balens in the 60k needed.

    • I just tried this and it didn’t worked for me. it consumed my normal balens instead of bound balens

      • Haha noob, thats right thing to happen for whale

      • So if i am a casher you can just assume that i’m a Noob. wow

      • Trollface it is NOT OK to insult or wish evil upon people you know nothing about and who have done nothing bad to you.

        Crashy sorry about his remark, please ignore it, thank you for sharing.

        – Cosmos

      • out of curiosity did you click on merge or 1 click merge? Cause me and someone else on my server(kabam platform, which may also be the reason it worked) used merge button, not 1 click.

  2. Is the bound balens use on obtaining the merged sylph only available to R2 players or Proficient City players too?

    • gamefuse it worked too

  3. It must have been a one time bug i remember someone said around last year that they were able to do a merge with bound balens. Guess the same bug came back after all. Congrats for being lucky LOL

    • Lucky me then I guess.

  4. you cant have balens or it will use those instead, nothing about bug just dumbness.

    • Can you verify that claim of yours?

    • i also hope we get more confirmations

    • actually in my case had 60k balens and 70k bound balens when it worked so thats not it

  5. in kabam server that merge can do with bound balens

    • i am not sure merges have anything to do with this, but who knows maybe there is a bug

      • sylph merge can do with bound balens.

  6. sylph merged with bb is an old thing. when wartune have added the sylph /fire/electro . was 2-3 patch ago

  7. On Kabam servers we have had several merge this week with bound balens.

  8. Damn wish this was posted a week ago LOL I could have tested it

  9. how about other things like marriage ? friend form other server (r2) told they had 3 marriages from non vips and when asking they told him used bound ballens ? but he has no proof fot this

    • For marrige
      Hmmm.u can split coust of weeding with ir partner.but with bound balens dident work.

  10. i can confirm that if you have all the required materials that you can use bb to merge your slyphs now this is on a kabam server so not sure about others sry I didn’t get a screen shot but it does work

    • thanks for sharing Preacher

  11. I have gotten 2 merged sylphs with bbs but i suggest anyone with balens that are over 60k spend them so that the balens are below the limit and then try.

    • thanks for sharing Clint

  12. confirm can mfuse sylp with bb. made a tyre 2 min ago

    • thanks for confirming Darkenrahl

      • of course tried with less balen then 60k required

  13. Yep, I can also confirm you can use bb now, in the same way bb are used for other items: click box to use bb first, then it will take the balance in balens if you don’t have enough bb. I’m on AG server

    • Thanks for confirming Gia

  14. Well you can but must have enough balens first and then it let’s you use BB…just another wrinkle for us R2 servers…Thanks

    • Actually try it with enough bbs but less balens to make sure you dont use balens bec that is what i did. Better safe than sorry.

  15. Is it possible that bb only works for lower stage fusion (those with 2 orange sylhps). But those with 2 red sylphs require real balens?

    Has someone tested this?

    • yes bot of my slyphs were 3rd evolution red quality and I used bb to get my thor just make sure you have all the materials required or it will use bb to buy what u need

      • sry it will use real balens lol my bad

  16. Dont work with bound balens guys…

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