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Q&A 10 Questions for Patch 7.6 FAQ

Hey everyone! Here I present an FAQ / Q&A for 10 questions many people are asking regarding Wartune Patch 7.6 on the first day of installation on all servers. Hopefully this helps all players and friends / guild mates. And if you have additional questions and answers please post them in the comments to help share knowledge / tips with all players.

Q: How to get a Relic / Artifact for the first time?


  1. Go to Brad. Talk to him to complete quest. He will give 100 random shards.
  2. Go to the Blacksmith and Synthesize your Relic.
  3. Go either to Inventory or Relics window and either double click or summon Relic.

Q: What to do with extra Relic / Artifact equipment shards?

A: Synthesize any Relic and double click it – if it is a duplicate it will convert into Cast Stones.

Q: How to turn off Attempt for Broken Space dungeon?

A: They changed the system so you cannot do that, but instead you can simply not collect the rewards at the end of the dungeon when they pop up. Simply close that popup window and your attempt will not be used.

Q: Which Relic is the best?

A: There is no “best” Relic – they each give different advantages so you must think which is the best one for your specific character or for the specific situation where you want to perform better.

(I’ll try to create some articles / analysis / videos on this topic)

Q: Can I Blitz in Lord’s Trial every day?

A: Yes and no. Lord’s Trial will reset every Monday, so you will need to fight again before you can blitz until the following Monday.

Q: Can I Pray every day in Lord’s Trial?

A: Yes, you will have 3 prayers and 3 sacrifices each day (and 1 reset).

Q: Why can’t I register or join Hero Trial? When is Hero Trial?


  • Registration Time: 30 minutes before the event starts.
  • Local Server Battle Time: Thu./Fri. 19:30 – 19:50
  • Cross Server Battle Time: Sat. 19:30-19:50 (Double Rewards)

Q: Will there be events for upgrading Relics?

A: At present nothing has been announced by the Wartune Team. They might add or not.

Q: Should I use all 3 types of Sylph Orbs for Holy Sword Inscription?

A: We don’t recommend to do that. Polishing Orbs are very much needed to upgrade the Holy Sword and Breakthrough Orbs are hard to come by, so those 2 types we would not recommend to consume for Inscription.

Q: Should I immediately use Cast Stones to increase my BR?

A: You can, but it would be better probably to wait some time to see if there will be an event and also to better understand which Relic to invest into as it would be a waste to use Cast Stones for 1 Relic and then few weeks later to switch to another Relic.

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  1. great info (as always). Thank you!!

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    • great stuff ty for all the info

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  2. If you cancel the rewards dialog in broken space you can still get the rewards if you wish by bringing up the broken space dungeon in the dungeon selection and then clicking the rewards button where the checkbox normally is rather than doing the dungeon again.

    I do have a (lighthearted) question though if anyone can suggest an answer, what has what appears to be a sea horse, otter and lobster on the loading screen to do with this patch?

    • Little to nothing at all, just a picture of recent mounts added before the patch

  3. thanks for the info ,, good work

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  4. Thanks for the info….Question though, do relics work on opponent’s titans? Like damage causes or chaos one? Thank you

    • caused*

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