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Wartune Patch 7.6 Lord’s Trial Developer Guide

Hey everyone! Here is the developer guide for the new Lord’s Trial system/activity in Wartune Patch 7.6 (these are docs sent by the devs to all publishers).

[Wartune 7.6] Lord’s Trial


Artifacts are a powerful resource for any great warrior; however, the materials required to complete Artifacts are numerous and often difficult to come by. Thus, the Lord’s Trial was developed to train great heroes in a maze like adventure to find and collect the necessary materials for Artifacts.

[Event Entry]

City/Cloud City – Lord’s Trial (event icon)

[Unlock Requirement]

Unlocks after class advancement.

[Panel Introduction]

(1) These are the Stage and Start buttons. There are 30 stages for each difficulty. Each stage offers various rewards. More difficult stages offer more rewards.

(2) Each challenge consumes 1 Key of Trials that can be obtained through prayer (see (4) in the image) everyday.

(3) The rankings record the highest stage you’ve passed for different difficulties. There are 3 rankings based on the stage difficulties. Rewards are sent based on rankings every week. There will be a tie when multiple players reach the same stage. Rankings reset every Monday at 00:00.


4.1 You can pray and sacrifice 3 times every day to receive Keys of Trials and other items.

4.2 You can reset once a day. After resetting, your HP will fully recover and you can re-select a difficulty to start with stage 1. Reset attempts refresh daily at 00:00.

4.3 You can blitz passed stages. Blitzing will not reduce your HP but it will take 30 seconds and cost 1000 Gold. If you have an active Spirit Covenant blitz speed-up is free; however, blitzing still requires Key of Trials. Blitz cannot start when the number of Key of Trials is not enough. After Lord’s Trial resets at 00:00 on Monday, blitz is not available anymore and you need to start a new challenge.

(5) There are 3 types of difficulties. Different debuffs affect stages of different difficulties. Higher difficulty stages drop more items. Changing stage difficulty is not allowed once a challenge starts.

(6) Displayed HP: HP will not recover after each challenge. Challenge will be end when HP hits 0.

[Gameplay Info]

  • Click Pray (Panel Introduction (4)) to begin praying. You will draw a card out of 5 cards to randomly receive a Key of Trial or other reward.
  • You can sacrifice after praying. Revealed cards will remain, while other cards can be drawn from. When all cards are revealed, sacrifice will be disabled.
  • You may stop praying at any time to get the corresponding Key of Trials and items.
  • Each player has 3 prayer and sacrifice attempts every day.

  • You can change your equipment, Sylph, and Eudaemon before you start Stage 1 of a difficulty. Once you start the challenge, you will not be able to change them.
  • There are 3 difficulty options to choose from. Debuffs affect stages of different difficulties. Debuffs 1, 2 and 3 will randomly affect difficulty stages 1, 2 and 3. Stages and debuffs reset at daily 00:00.


(COSMOS: this info is old/wrong i think – there are only 3 difficulties and the debuffs are in a different order – please see my video on this feature)

1) Disables all healing effects.

2) Disables Rune skills.

3) Disables Sylph and Willpower Awakening.

4) Disables Titan skills.

Starting a challenge requires 1 Key of Trials (Panel Introduction ②). You will not be able to start the challenge if you do not have enough Key of Trials. Key of Trials can stack up to 999 in the Inventory.


When you reach a multiple of 5 for each stage difficulty, you will enter a BOSS battle.


Cast Stone, Star Crystal, Moon Crystal, Sun Crystal

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  1. So when it says healing effects are disabled does that mean healing skills no longer work or just healing buffs and runes and stuff like that are disabled ?

  2. It says keys can stack up to 999 in inventory
    Would that be in the interface for this event or in our Inventory bag ? If its in our bag space how do we place them there from the interface

  3. So i could pass a week praying and not get a single key of trials to do the challenge? if so this is really a bad design.

    • you seem to have some confusion, you get keys every day
      every day you get 3 prayers and 3 sacrifices

      • Ok got confused, thats good then, ty for clarifying

  4. i got 5 keys on S140 with 1st pray attempt and no sacrifices too 🙂 pretty lucky move

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