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VIDEOS Patch 7.6 Lord’s Trial Relics Artifacts Broken Space

Hi everyone! In case you missed or didn’t notice I published already 4 videos showing Wartune Patch 7.6 new features: Lord’s Trial, Relics, Artifacts and Broken Space. You can watch them on my youtube channel or on this page:

Firstly a note: I also created a YouTube Playlist for Wartune Patch 7.6 where I have added these videos and will add any future video, here is the link for that:

Wartune Patch 7.6 – new Lord’s Trial feature (Part 1 of 2)

Wartune Patch 7.6 – new Lord’s Trial feature (Part 2 of 2)

Wartune Patch 7.6 – new RELIC ARTIFACT system / feature

Wartune Patch 7.6 – new BROKEN SPACE feature / weekly dungeon

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  1. yes more dailies each patch feels like a job more than a game -_-

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