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Patch 7.0 Patch Notes

Hey everyone! The patch notes for the Wartune update 7.0 have been released. And they will do a Patch 7.0 pre-launch maintenance on 1st of June with the new Patch possibly implemented already tomorrow for selected servers.

Prelude: Change of System

Normally, in the past, patches were installed 1 month before launch on the Test Server, but today’s announcement seems to indicate that they have maybe changed the system, because the Patch was installed only today on the Test Server. I have sent a request for clarification to get a confirmation about this.

If it is true that tomorrow the Patch 7.0 will be installed on the launch servers then, based on history, 1 week later it should become available on all servers. But there is definitely a communication problem in and among the Wartune companies because the last information i received from them was a July implementation for the Patch.

Patch 7.0 Patch Notes:

1. New System: Willpower. Willpowers can be synthesized using the required Eudaemons.
2. New SystemEudaemon Signet: See how quickly you can find and activate the ancient Signets.
3. New DungeonEndless Abyss: Is your Willpower strong enough to be victorious?
4. New SystemExperience: Unlocked at Lvl. 11, this system acknowledges your progress and offers you bountiful rewards while you explore the land.
5. The Dimensional War has been updated. Begin your adventure in the new Dimension!
6. New System: Clothing Refinement.
7. New Event: Gift Box. Invite your friends to share your joy via gift boxes!
8. More Devotion quests have been added for you to earn Devotion.
9. New Item: Basic Talent Stone, used for Talent upgrading before knighthood.
10. New Title: Royal Defender, obtained when all Eudaemons are activated.
11. Game loading has been optimized.
12. Some Translations have been modified.

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  1. That’s awesome ! I hope to see this tomorrow.
    (I’m on beta server)

    • I want to be on beta server but I can’t 🙁 How can you do it ?

  2. Probably will be more bugs than usual. Pet us know if you find any positive bugs

  3. Didnt they make a holy sword sharpening thing?

  4. delicious

  5. Dimensions being “fixed” might be great; or horrific. I can imagine it being improved while the rewards are severely nerfed. The old dimensions gave a steadier stream of bb than the current version. Then again, any change will be an improvement over what we have now.

    Devotion being enhanced might be good, but knowing Wartune they’ll probably remove BB from 300 devo reward.

    • Yeah, those misers nerfed the BBs from check in.

  6. None of the other way to buff your sword from the spanish was it servers either.

  7. haha you think they cant make dims worse just looked omg they can

    • ohh? Do are they worse?

  8. And from where we can make that basic talent stone?

  9. Where can we get Basic Talent stones

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