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Wartune Patch 7.6 Artifact Relic Developer Guide

Hey everyone! Here is the developer guide for the new Artifact Relic system in Wartune Patch 7.6 (these are docs sent by the devs to all publishers).

[Wartune 7.6] Artifact Relic System


After the Titans began to abuse their power and savage the land, warriors amassed a group of excellent blacksmiths in secret and had them forge 12 different artifacts. They placed the shards of these artifacts in every corner of the land so that civilians could find and collect them to fight back against their once guardians turned tormentors…


The Artifact icon will pop up when hovering the mouse over the Inventory icon. Click the Artifact icon to enter the Artifact panel.

[Unlock Requirement]

Unlocks after class advancement.

[Gameplay Info]

I. Artifact Skills

The 12 Artifacts have their own unique skills:

  • Azure Stiletto: Loss of Power – Chance to remove a beneficial buff from target.
  • Sword of Delusion: Thistles and Thorns – Block has a chance to reverse damage.
  • Rapier of Damnation: Super Bombardment – Chance to confuse the enemy.
  • Oracle Arch: Four Tunes – Chance to restore HP when attacked.
  • Downfall Spear: Unbeaten Glory – Chance to remove negative buff from the caster when taking damage.
  • Unholy Saber: Rainbow Strike – Chance to ignore DEF when attacking. Correction: Chance to stun enemy.
  • Demonic Texture: Rockstar – Chance to cause enemy to forget skills when attacking.
  • Spear of Slumber: Crimson Piercer – Chance to ignore enemy’s PDEF when the enemy is hit.
  • Hand of Riddles: Armed Lord – Chance to recover HP equal to a certain percentage of damage dealt next turn after taking damage.
  • Hide of Heroism: Cursed Complaint – Chance to cause enemy to bleed when dealing damage.
  • Paralyzing Dagger: Excited Heart – Chance to reduce damage received when taking damage.
  • Valor’s Edge: Furious Energy – Chance to increase crit damage each turn.

II. Activate Artifact

You will receive a random Artifact upon completing the [Summon Artifact] quest that is available after class advancement.

Complete Broken Space to get a Silver Chest and a Gold Chest that can be opened for artifact shards. You can synthesize 100 artifact shards for an artifact summoning card in the Blacksmith. Unwanted Artifact Shards can be recycled into Cast Stones.

III. Upgrade Artifact

Upgrade Artifact level to get bonuses for the Artifact’s attributes. Artifact upgrading may require different upgrade materials (Star Crystal, Moon Crystal, Sun Crystal) that can be obtained through Lord’s Trial.

IV. Cast Artifact

Cast Artifacts to improve their attributes. A random attribute that is not maxed out will be selected to cast. Casting Artifacts requires Cast Stones that can be obtained through Lord’s Trial.

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  1. what relic better?

    • Since this is a brand new feature it will take some time for people to test and discuss about which is better in which specific circumstance

  2. Looks like archers (and to some extent knights) benefit again!!!! Where is ignore MDEF? If im fighting an archer or knight and they ignore my PDEF i’m truly done for as a mage. Add in the increase in critt rate / chance to ignore DEF then i’m totally screwed :s I see there is a chance to reverse damage and heal when attacked, but I want to fight not become a punch bag!

  3. Heya, please let us know how can we recycle those shards – haven’t seen an option for that yet

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