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Wartune Patch 7.6 Hero Trial Developer Guide

Hey everyone! Here is the developer guide for the new Hero Trial system in Wartune Patch 7.6 (these are docs sent by the devs to all publishers).

[Wartune 7.6] Hero Trial


We will never forget fighting side by side with our true friends. Nothing lasts forever, but we still have the weapons in our hands and we will use them while we still can. We must be true heroes if we are to overcome the challenges that lay ahead. We will split the sky in two if it tries to bury us and crush the earth if it attempts to get in our way.

[Event Entry]

Event Icon – Hero Trial

[How to Participate]

Lvl. 80 players can use 3 million Gold to register.

[Event Duration]

1. Registration Time: 30 minutes before the event starts.

2. Battle Time: Thu./Fri. 19:30 – 19:50

Sat. 19:30-19:50 (Double Rewards)

[Panel Introduction]

  1. Top 1 player in points ranking list
  2. Registration requirements and time
  3. Click Start to enter battleground.
  4. Use Faction Medals to exchange for items in Army Shop. Points gained during the event will be converted into Faction Medals.
  5. The ranking list is based on the points that players obtained during the event. Top 3 players will be able to have their class statues displayed in Cloud City.

[Gameplay Info]

1) Faction Name

Battle take place between two factions. Registered players will be randomly divided into two factions after entering the battleground.

2) Starting Points

Each faction has 3 starting points. Players need to select a point to start and may need to wait for Battle CD if multiple players choose the same starting point simultaneously.

3) Total Faction Points

The result of the event is decided on the total Faction Points gained. If the amount of both sides’ Faction Points are the same, a battle will automatically take place between the No.1 players in the rankings from each side. The result of this battle will decide the overall result.

4) Individual Pts Received

Ways to obtain points: Challenge rivals from the opposite Faction (victory gives more points while failure gives less points) or reach your destination (the starting point of the corresponding rival Faction).

5) Rankings

Top 3 players in points ranking list of each Faction display here.

6) Battle CD

Players need to wait for the Battle CD to enter the battle again.

7) Fatigue Pts

Successful PK adds Fatigue Pts to the winner. Fatigue decreases players’ overall BR on certain rates (including BR gained via Inspiration).

8) Battle Process

With AI mode adopted, players can not see the challenge scenes, but the system automatically calculates battle results. Both sides will be rewarded with points. The winner will move forward while the loser will be sent back to the starting point, where they need to wait for the Battle CD. HP inherits until the character is killed or reaches the destination.

9) Inspiration

Consume Balens to purchase Inspiration to increase stats by certain rates (RES Reduction and Reduction excluded). Only valid during the period of the event. Can stack up to 15 times.

10) Invigoration

Consume Balens to purchase Invigoration to increase individual points yield rates. Only valid during this period of the event. Can stack up to 15 times.

11) Faction Medal

Individual Faction Medal rewards will be calculated after the end of the event based on the following rules:

Server Competition

Faction Medals for players from winning Faction: Individual Pts x10%

Faction Medals for players from losing Faction: Individual Pts x5%

Cross Server Competition

Faction Medals for players from winning Faction: Individual Pts x20%

Faction Medals for players from losing Faction: Individual Pts x10%

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  1. ugly event and another 1 timed. probably i’ll skip as the useless athena , ares and venus.

  2. Pretty stupid event if you ask me. And what is the deal with not being able to type in chat during this event?

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