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Purchase Efficiency Analysis – Spirit Covenant

Hey guys, in this post I am going to show you the analysis of making most efficient balen spending for you character in Wartune. This analysis is based on my character when I had to make a decision on when to buy spirit covenant x2.

Why 2 SC cards

The reason for x2 is because spending rewards usually have 1000, 2000, etc tiers and 2 cards allow to capture 2 tiers.

Day vs. Day Analysis

In order to get the most benefit for your money you must compare what you would get in different days. You can analyze this based on the duration of existing events as well as using our “tomorrow’s events” reporting to take a look into the near future as well. Below comparison image I have done based on the events of that specific day compared to the ones that would be there after reset.

Perhaps special offers are not the best time

My character was waiting for some time to buy the Spirit Covenant via the special offers which usually come once per month. However, as I discovered that the offers will be coming soon I started doing analysis if perhaps it would be better to not buy those offers and the result was indeed that I made a purchase of the non-discounted Spirit Covenant card and got a lot more rewards.

What exactly i saw in my comparison

If I were to buy the packs during the special offers (right side of the picture) then the main good things that my character could benefit from were the sylph upgrade items from the Big Spender and the Advanced Mahra (and to a lesser extent the Advanced Sepulcrum) from the Sylph Spender. Naturally I would receive also the Medallions from the special offers, which are a rare item if you don’t have time to do Battlegrounds. The Epic Spender I do not mention because it remains the same on both days.

However, if I did not wait for the new events with the special SC Pack offers and I did the spending immediately (left side) then I would get some extra Advanced Henna, but more importantly, I would get 50 Smelting Stones from the 2nd Epic Spender, which are a very significant item. I would also get an OK Will Crystal which is nice as RES Reduction is rather important. And all of these are of bigger value to my character than the previous benefits.

I showed these differences with blue arrows on the image below.

So after doing such an analysis you can see clearly what is the most beneficial or the biggest return for your character and everyone who is interested in the most efficient way to spend balens could benefit from such comparisons. Also remember that no matter what you buy you can always use discount vouchers as long as you don’t fall below the tier, so 1998 balens would be no good, because you need 2000 to get the tier 2 rewards.

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  1. very interesting, thanks

    • thank you 🙂

  2. Hey ellia and cosmos I actually had a doubt sometimes when I hit my oponents with attacks I get killed instead so I was wondering what is the cause of this reflect damage and what can we do so what we can reflect damage also.plz tell me in deatails.

    • influence stat? 20% to reflect damage i think.

    • depends on what was used for reflecting, for example the most basic reflect is the Astral

  3. like you, i am very careful with my planning. I buy 4 months at the time, and I do it with a 2k discount coupon. So I pay 3k Balen for 4 months. That in itself is the best return. + I get 2k spender

    • nice nice 🙂
      thanks for sharing

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