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VIP Luxury Pack & Spirit Covenant Pack – Timing and Advice

Hey guys, for those of you who wait for the special packs for VIP Luxury Pack and Spirit Covenant Pack I have prepared the below timings and advice:

Pack Sale Timing

I have checked back the historical data and the last 3 sale dates were:

  • March 2017: 3/27/2017 00:00 – 3/29/2017 23:59
  • February 2017: Duration: 2/27/2017 00:00 – 3/1/2017 23:59
  • January 2017: Duration: 1/30/2017 00:00 – 2/1/2017 23:59

Consequently, the next time the packs are expected to be in the shop at the end of April.

Note: usually the Spirit Covenant Pack and VIP Luxury Packs I and II will appear at the same time

Pack Contents

The contents of the packs have been fixed for a while and they are:

  • Spirit Covenant Pack: Spirit Covenant x1 + Medallion x5 for the price of 1299 Balens and a limit of 6.
  • VIP Luxury Pack I: 31-Day VIP Card x1 + Level 3 Bonus EXP Scroll x1 + Extreme Stamina Potion x4 + Medallion x5 for the price of 899 Balens and a limit of 5.
  • VIP Luxury Pack II: 31-Day VIP Card x3 + Level 3 Bonus EXP Scroll x1 + Extreme Stamina Potion x4 + Medallion x15 for the price of 2199 Balens and a limit of 2.

The “normal” price of VIP is (799):

VIP pic 3 Dec 2016 Wartune

And the “normal” price of Spirit Covenant is (1295):

Spirit Covenant pic 3 Dec 2016 Wartune

Comparison Packs vs. “Normal”

Spirit Pack 1299
with Spirit Covenant x1
+ Medallion x5
Spirit “normal” 1295
VIP Luxury Pack I 899
with 31-Day VIP Card x1
+ Level 3 Bonus EXP Scroll x1 +
Extreme Stamina Potion x4 +
Medallion x5
VIP “normal” 799
VIP Luxury Pack II 2199
with 31-Day VIP Card x3
+ Level 3 Bonus EXP Scroll x1
+ Extreme Stamina Potion x4
+ Medallion x15
VIP “normal” 2397

VIP and Spirit Pack offers

Advice: are buying packs a good idea?

Previously, I had communicated that it mostly depends if you value extra honor or not. And I said that if you don’t have problems getting honor then probably the packs are not amazing, but if you skip Battlegrounds or have difficulties gaining honor then Medallions are one of those items which are not available very much, but they are inside these packs.

However, with increased amounts or offers in various Recharge and Balen Spending events, it is rather easy to catch 2, 3 or more Balen events running on a particular day and spending or recharging on these days will give you more rewards than the benefits of the packs! And you may even get your hands on more rare items which are rather difficult to get the non-casher way. Usually the Big Spenders are daily, so that’s already 1 event. But you can also combine this with at 1-2 Epic Spenders. With good planning you can catch also the extra spender/recharge which shows up in the icon(s) on top and perhaps even an additional one time recharge or another spender.

So that’s my advice to you when it comes to your balen recharge/spending regarding VIP or Spirit Covenant Cards – do a good planning and catch a bunch of rewarding events rather than just getting the packs on the specific days on which they are offered (which might not have extra rewarding events running at the same time).

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  1. its always in the same week when we also get gem event and in second half of week event sylph gear enchant, that is nxt week, so if i look on how it normal is, it would be here nxt monday in time sale (last time it was already there on sunday), i go for the 3 month vip, can buy that with using 200 coupon, most of the time there is also a 2k spender event, only need to spend one balans after buying vip pack

    • true, coupons can be used as well

  2. Last time I bought the ‘one off’ monthly VIP pack I was charged VAT @20%(England) making the cost $9.59. Therefore the events actually work out cheaper.

    • interesting, thanks for sharing

  3. VIP cards are only “30 days”. They were labeled as 31 but actually only gave 30. After many(lol) tickets with them on this matter, they finally agreed it was a mistake on their part and “mislabeled” them, causing them to update them in the next maint. They now read “30 days”.

  4. this month would be on 24th check all other events and is 3 days less than in march (like mahra/spe event was on march 21 and now on april 18)

  5. Waste of money I have 5 free 31 days vip card n tons of 1h n 1day n 7 days I don’t even use

    • Where/how did you get 5 free 31 Days VIP cards?

      • There NEVER has been a “free” 31 day VIP card… at least not in my 5 years of playing. I’m going to have to call BS on his comment.

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