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Choose Lord of Time inside the Spirit Covenant

Hey guys, here I want to share with you some advice on the Spirit Covenant and explain why, if you have to make a choice, then you should choose the Lord of Time.

First of all, if you can afford the Spirit Covenant – that’s great. It is a nice comfort item so congrats to you. However, if you want to optimize your balens’ spending or have limited amount of money that you want to spend then I recommend selecting the Lord of Time out of the whole thing and the reasoning is as follows:

Power of Healing

Power of Healing – nice, sure, but especially better for knights only due to life lost tanking, however, life can also be gotten in a number of ways so not necessarily required to spend money for health potions.

Free Blitz

Free Blitz – again, nice, but, you basically have 2 blitzes: (1) Your solo dungeons, which is 8 per day at 5,000 gold each, which is 40,000 gold – not a huge amount and (2) The catacombs, here you will need 100,000 gold, which is a bit more, but again, 140,000 gold in total per day is not massive and one does not really need to spend real money for that.

Bounty Helper

Bounty Helper – probably the most useful comfort item out there. If you are not holding level then this is very nice to have, however, if you are holding level or if the Bounty experience is no longer critical for you (high talent level) then you might not need this at all.

Warrior’s Call

Warrior’s Call – a 10% power up, nice? sure, but critical? not really. You might need it once or twice to push through a very difficult level such as passing as high as you can get in Necropolis or the Catacombs, but it is not critical enough I think to spend money on if your budget is tight. I will also add that even when I had this I either forgot to use it every day or didn’t need to use it at all, so I would say 90% of the month I did not activate the power up.

and then last, but not the least, is the one I recommend you to choose, if you are short on money or if you want to optimize your spending – the Lord of Time. This is an immensely useful comfort item which allows you to skip the 2 hour stamina cultivation waiting time and the Fishing waiting times, which are the 2 main reasons for it, but basically it allows you to skip anything that requires waiting. So as you can see on the picture below I activated only this, even though on my mage account I could buy the whole lot.

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