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When do VIP and Spirit Pack offers appear?

Hey guys, for those of you who wait for the special packs for VIP and Spirit Covenant and wonder when they appear I have prepared the below article:

Firstly – Timing of the packs:

I have checked back the historical data and share the following timings:

Spirit Covenant Pack and VIP Luxury Packs I and II (the 3 packs appear at the same time together):

  • (in November) Duration: 11/7/2016 00:00 – 11/9/2016 23:59
  • (in October) Duration: 10/10/2016 00:00:00 – 10/12/2016 23:59:59
  • (in September) Duration: 9/12/2016 00:00 – 9/14/2016 23:59

Today is the 4th of December and so, based on this pattern, the next packs should appear in the offers shop between 7-12th of December – basically this week or start of next week latest.

Pack Contents

The contents of the packs have been fixed for a while and they are:

  • Spirit Covenant Pack: Spirit Covenant x1 + Medallion x5 for the price of 1299 Balens and a limit of 6.
  • VIP Luxury Pack I: 31-Day VIP Card x1 + Level 3 Bonus EXP Scroll x1 + Extreme Stamina Potion x4 + Medallion x5 for the price of 899 Balens and a limit of 5.
  • VIP Luxury Pack II: 31-Day VIP Card x3 + Level 3 Bonus EXP Scroll x1 + Extreme Stamina Potion x4 + Medallion x15 for the price of 2199 Balens and a limit of 2.

The “normal” price of VIP is (799):

And the “normal” price of Spirit Covenant is (1295):

Comparison Packs vs. “Normal”

Spirit Pack 1299
with Spirit Covenant x1
+ Medallion x5
Spirit “normal” 1295
VIP Luxury Pack I 899
with 31-Day VIP Card x1
+ Level 3 Bonus EXP Scroll x1 +
Extreme Stamina Potion x4 +
Medallion x5
VIP “normal” 799
VIP Luxury Pack II 2199
with 31-Day VIP Card x3
+ Level 3 Bonus EXP Scroll x1
+ Extreme Stamina Potion x4
+ Medallion x15
VIP “normal” 2397

Are packs a good idea?

It mostly depends if you value extra honor or not. If you don’t have problems getting honor then probably the packs are not amazing, but if you skip BG or have difficulties gaining honor then Medallions are one of those items which are not available very much, but they are inside these packs.

A second consideration is what other Balen spending events are running at the same time as packs. If there are 2+ more spenders, on top of Big Spender which is always on, with 1000 and 2000 balen tiers then you can collect extra rewards from these. These could be an additional big spender, a Patron spender and/or an Epic spender. And, consequently, if these are not on then you might be better off spending during ~3 Spender events instead of packs.

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  1. Thank you for this information. I prefer to buy the packs. Reasons for the packs you can use discount vouchers so your purchase is cheaper, also you can get your vip and spirit covenant for longer periods rather than just the basic one month. This to me saves my bank charges with the conversion rates and additional internation surcharge on my account.

    Happy gaming.

    • thanks for sharing different points

  2. based on previous events , they all start on a monday so this month it should be the 12th

    • good observation, thanks

  3. Started today.

    • Exactly 4 weeks from the last time it was on. As usual.

      Next year, assuming the same cycle, it will be January 2nd.

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