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Best Event Efficiency – Clothing Identification

Hey guys, in this post I share with you the best & most efficient ways of handling Wartune’s Clothing Identification event. While this is not rocket science, often people don’t have the time or don’t think about it or blindly trust game admins when they should not.

This has 2 parts. Part 1 covers Clothing Identification event type and Part 2 covers a calculation for efficiency.

Part 1 – Event Type

There have been 2 types of Clothing Identification events run by the game admins. One is a horrible design and the other is the better one. From their behavior it shows that they either don’t know / understand or simply don’t care about fixing it.

The Bad Event Version:

This design is the bad one which you should try to avoid. For example the last time I reported this was just recently for Wartune Events 6 May 2017.

This version supplies very little amount of Clothing Shards and no event chests whatsoever.

Daily Event
Devil’s Mask

Magician’s Mark II
Identify clothing 3 times 1 2 200k 200k
Identify clothing 6 times 2 4 400k 400k
Identify clothing 10 times 3 6 1m 1m
Identify clothing 25 times 4 8 2m 2m
Identify clothing 50 times 5 10 5m 5m

The Better Version:

This design is the better version. For example the last time I reported this was just recently for Wartune Events 13 May 2017.

This version supplies both nice quantities of Clothing Shards as well as event chests.

Daily Event
Queen’s Instruction I
Identify clothing 3 times 2 2 200k
Identify clothing 6 times 4 4 400k
Identify clothing 10 times 6 2 1m
Identify clothing 25 times 10 5 2m
Identify clothing 50 times 20 10 5m

Part 2 – Efficiency

Now once you have the good event running and the timing is good for you then the following are important, because most players cannot do 50 identifications daily.

  1. Timing: is it the clothing shard rewards cycle or the beast soul one? I prefer to do more events during the clothing shard rewards cycle in the Lucky Exchange. Second consideration is any special events or exchanges such as the Lucky Exchanges for Merged Sylphs when you need more chests.
  2. How many to identify: Now that you have decided to do the event you need to decide what is the most efficient amount to identify:

Let’s say you can reach 50 times Clothing Identification, should you do 1 x 50 and take the top reward or 2 x 25 or 3 x 10 and keep the other 20 for later?

1 x 50

This will give you 42 Clothing Shards and 17 Event Chests.

2 x 25

This will give you 44 Clothing Shards and 14 Event Chests.

3 x 10 (5 x 10)

You could also distribute your 50 identifications by 10 per day over 2 events.

This will give you 60 Clothing Shards and 10 Event Chests.

Analysis Chart

Here I present the data on a chart to visually illustrate / make it easier to see and choose:

Analysis Conclusion

1 clothing shard is worth more than 1 event chest. The game’s value for it is 10 event chests. Consequently I will recommend the option which will yield the largest amount of clothing shards and in our analysis we can see that this is the 5 x 10 times identification option.

The only exception to this is if you absolutely need to finish inside one event cycle in which case the recommendation will be 2 times 25 identify attempts.

I hope you like and find useful my analysis on Wartune’s Clothing Identification event. If so please like/share and you are always welcome to support my work via Patreon.

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  1. In clothing identification event clothing refinement is also counted. Got it confirmed.

    • hi, sorry i did not write that because i thought everyone knows it 🙂
      indeed the first identification with gold and the following refinements with Fashion Cores are all considered Clothing Identification
      – Cosmos

  2. Interesting.useful. TY! ~.^

    • thanks for appreciating the work nameless 🙂
      – Cosmos

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