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[Poll Results] Which Sub-Eudaemon did you Awaken?

Hey guys, in this post we share with you the poll results of 1500+ player votes on the question “Which Sub-Eudaemon did you Awaken or plan to Awaken to fight with your main Hero and Eudaemon?”:

Poll Question / Structure

We asked the players:

“Which Sub-Eudaemon did you Awaken or plan to Awaken to fight with your main Hero and Eudaemon? (if you did multiple then say the main one you invested in)”

And the answer choices, where 1500+ players voted, were:

  • Wind Ranger
  • Battle Oracle
  • Sanctuary Hunter
  • Blood Warrior
  • Scourge Mage
  • Sacred Knight
  • Blood Demon
  • Frost Dwarf
  • Flying Rabbit
  • Frost Panther Lord

Poll Results Sub-Eudaemon Awakening Choice

On top, with 612 votes or 40.3%, we see a massive support among the players for Wind Ranger, most likely due to his 40% skill and I think also because a lot of players already had a decent level or high level Wind Ranger.

2nd favorite was the Battle Oracle Eudaemon with 316 votes or 20.8%. Being able to cast Damnation for damage increase and/or to help heal with Restoration / Suntoria (Delphics don’t work for sub-Eudaemons) are the main attraction points of this Eudaemon.

Blood Demon is the newest of all Eudaemons and perhaps some people expected it to have a higher score or support, but I think the problem is that a lot of us had already invested heavily into our Eudaemons before Blood Demon was introduced, so it is a tough choice to start from zero so to speak. I believe this is why Blood Demon got 224 votes or 14.7%, otherwise it would score higher.

Below the Top 3, we have Sacred Knight and Sanctuary Hunter with similar 5.7% and 5.3% votes and all other Eudaemons received much lower support from players for the Sub-Eudaemon selection.

Here is the table of votes and results as well as a visual chart:

Voting Options No. Of Votes %
Wind Ranger 612 40.3%
Battle Oracle 316 20.8%
Sanctuary Hunter 81 5.3%
Blood Warrior 48 3.2%
Scourge Mage 35 2.3%
Sacred Knight 87 5.7%
Blood Demon 224 14.7%
Frost Dwarf 44 2.9%
Flying Rabbit 18 1.2%
Frost Panther Lord 54 3.6%
TOTAL Player Votes 1519 100.0%



  • Are these results surprising you? Did you expect something totally different?
  • Have you been able to gather resources to invest well into your sub-Eudaemon (equipment, diamonds, skills, etc)?
  • Have you changed your opinion since your vote?

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  1. I think it really depended upon what your main was. Mine is a Battle Mage, so Wind Ranger was a no-brainer. The Blood Demon is a lot more expensive to Awaken and due to its newness, was lower in level, skills and equipment.

    • why no brainer? could go 2 x Oracle 😛

    • I’m in the same situation, Oracle as main, and wind ranger as my next strongest (and next most often used). I unlocked the ranger as a secondary for convenience, but I’ve invested in my oracle to 4 stars so far, since it’s really the best if you need a decent secondary. Damnation and suntoria are both good and mostly independent of the eudaemon strength. And making your strongest the secondary gives it the best odds of surviving long enough to even use a skill.

  2. I have oracle as main, ans i took wr as support. I have to admit, i helped me to finaly beat parts of the games where i had problems. 35% from damnation and 40% from wr gives you nice boost. And again, thanks for post

    • definitely a sweet buff 🙂
      you are welcome and thanks for commenting/sharing
      – Cosmos

  3. I’m using Frost Dwarf. I think he’s good.

    • careful he don’t drink all your beer 🙂

      • Kek. :3

  4. im surprised sacred knight was so low, i mean i not surprised of the fact she is in 4th but i think it should have had more votes but oh well 🙂
    personally for pvp i like the sacred knight cause since im more offensive i like my eud to help on the defesive side. Having suntoria + apollo is really nice.
    But for pve where you need more dps i go oracle-ranger 40% bonus from both damnation and cursed arrow >:D (have lvl 6 damnation)

    • I chose sacred knight for the defense boost as an archer. I have oracle as my main

  5. I personally use the ranger as main and pather as sub for the damage buffs 45per cent at level 5

    • dude, are you harryb from RoM? I’m Sobaream lol…

  6. I use oracle as my main currently and ranger as my main sub, both are lvl 12 and near maxed except for refinement. Getting close to making ranger 5 stars but dang, takes so much daru to lvl the troops. Wouldn’t be so bad but both troops need lvl 10 enlightment.

  7. Cosmos, can you tell me where to get a blood demon? All I see is frost dwarf from chest to eudaemon exchange so I really don’t know where to get one now :/

    • you can summon it via Eudaemon -> Eudaemon Guide after you have collected the necessary items from Eudaemon Patrol

  8. Hey Cosmos, have you got anything on bounty target? like what max lvl? is if any. thanks

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