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Sorting Trick and Tips for Eudaemon Patrol

Hey guys, in this post we share with you a really cool trick for sorting Eudaemons in Patrol and also give other tips. So let’s start with the main trick:

If you want to watch the video see it at the bottom

Eudaemon Patrol Sorting Trick – Easy 4 Steps

There have been a lot of complaints by players for the poorly implemented part of the Eudaemon Patrol where it gets hard and/or annoying trying to find the right Eudaemon from the list to assign to specific Watchtowers. While devs should still fix these issues and make things a lot more user friendly here is a cool trick on how to get those kids sorted out:

Step 1: finish collecting your Patrol rewards

Step 2: close Patrol and open Patrol again from the left menu (this step might be optional but it is just 1 double click so is included for safety)

Step 3: Close again and open Eudaemons using the icon on the bottom.

Doing this now resets the order of the Patrol to the same order as the Eudaemons. Congratulations! So lastly:

Step 4: Open again Patrol from left menu and all Eudaemons should be sorted from highest to lowest level.

Other Tips from Video

  • Using the ESC key to quickly navigate in Eudaemon Patrol
  • About being most efficient
  • Switching around resists
  • Patrol only War Emblem way
  • Choosing difficulty based on requirements needed at a particular moment
  • etc

Video Explanation / Presentation

Wartune Guide Sorting Trick and Tips for Eudaemon Patrol:

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  1. You can change the eudaemon and the sylph to increase the resistance needed. For example put orange zeus sylph on the eudaemon u want for patrol and it adds 815 electro res. etc.

    • that’s also a very nice tip thanks for sharing

  2. this sorting tip is realy helpful, thank you very much

    • you are very welcome Lio 🙂

  3. I just have 4 blood warrior, 4 scourge mage and 4 wind ranger.
    The 12 of them are level 4 with a level 3 passive skill, level 3 war emblem and a level 0 green weapon.

    It makes life much easier, then I use my other top 4 eudaemon for upgrade purposes only.

  4. Hello,
    I use an excel or wordpad file to, first, write down all the kids type and stats required, then start from easiest ones (res required 500: just need to deploy kids and give him right sylph) and finish with hardest ones!
    With 5-6 kids per type, always 9/9 nm patrol in 10 minutes!
    Hope this will help someone!!

  5. Something I have noticed about using escape is if you start a patrol, escape does not work anymore. Escape only works before a patrol is started.

    Ty for this info.

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