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Wartune Useful Trick for Eudaemon Exploration

Hey everyone! In this short article I want to share a Wartune video I created explaining a simple useful trick you can do to make your Wartune life easier related to Eudaemon Exploration in the Patrol.

The video talks about:

  • The issue of adding / removing Eudaemons and the way around it
  • Getting max rewards with 3 best Eudaemon / Willpowers
  • Getting all rewards without adding / removing at all
  • Using the trick with 9 level 3 Eudaemons for easy life for those who need more the Euda items
  • and making a reference to the previous article I wrote showing all rewards:


Willpowers & Eudaemons per Level Rewards in Exploration REFERENCE

The Video

Hope this was useful to you as it is for me – if you have anything additional to add on this topic to help all Wartune players please put it in the comments below.

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  1. I do that from day 3 of that update. Good to see you finally figure it out. I think thats why you have 45 patreons from millions of players around the world. Anyway i appreciate you invest your own time to create new content, what i not appreciate is the fact that you not remove articles/videos that are no longer news for the game.

    • few days ago he had 48 patreons. now he lost 3 of them and they are 45

  2. this is a trick for you? rofl
    not wondering about, just shows your level….

    someone using brain figure that out within hours, latest after 3 days

    who is paying for that? 😀

    • And your comment shows clearly how “nice” of a person you are.

      Yes it is a trick and it was very beneficial to players who did not know about it who thanked me for sharing it.

      Who is paying for what moron? This is a completely free and publicly published article.

      How about you dig a little deeper into your heart and reconnect with it trying to remember what being a human is instead of posting crap like this thinking you are all that which you are not.

      I create and I help people – what do you do? Just crap on honest people’s work. THAT is what defines who is who.

      – COSMOS

  3. Thank you! I came back to the game after a long time away, so this helped a lot.

    • 😉

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