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[Poll Results] Kitten Club usage

Hey guys, here we share with you the results of Kitten Club usage in Wartune according to player voting which we gathered here at DolyGames Wartune. There were 866 players who voted – thanks to everyone for the votes!

The question we asked everyone was “How much do you use the Kitten Club?” and the final results were:

  • I completely ignore it and never bother to even click on the icon! (83%, 720 Votes)
  • I open it 2-3 times per week just to take items from friends list. (6%, 53 Votes)
  • I use it more or less regularly, but don’t worry if i forget. (6%, 48 Votes)
  • I use the Kitten Club daily. Every little bit counts. (5%, 45 Votes)

The results should be shocking for 7Road (and R2) who paid money for programming and implementation of this feature in Wartune which, as you can see from the results, around 90% of players practically don’t use. This is also very sad for players because there are so many things we would prefer that money to be spent on and instead all that effort went into creating the Kitten Club. So both the game owners and the players lost in this and this could have been 100% preventable if they had consulted with experienced players such as the DolyGames Team.

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  1. over 90% of the player dont use it?
    sry only 866 players vote, or you wanne say there are only 866 player playing wartune? xD

    • Just go onto any wartune server and you´ll see that this is very accurate.

      • proof or never happen

    • hi Besserwisser, it seems you do not know what is a poll, no problem, i will help explain.
      Poll is a voting system where people can vote for various options. Polls are used for many different things including a small thing like a game poll and all the way up to large things like elections of politicians.
      Poll never means “all people”, but is usually always a sample size from the population. However, in statistics it has been proven that poll results, if honestly and fairly run, are representative of the total population opinion.
      So no, there are a lot more than 866 people playing Wartune, but this is a rather large amount of players voting and so the results are very accurate and representative towards what’s happening in Wartune.

      • wrong. if there are 100.000 player and 866 vote, thats less than 1% and this is not accurate

      • a little sample does not mean automatically that the result is wrong – you have just to be carefull with your results

        if you want to predict which presidents candidate will be electet, noone asks all voter – and one percent is (if its unbiased) a good number (even if the number is bigger then 100).
        in statistics you permanently use small samples.

    • 90% might even be a high estimate. The readers (and voters) who would come to this blog will, on average, be more involved with the game and more likely to participate in things.
      It’s pretty pathetic that kitten club can’t muster rewards worth the 30 seconds twice a day it takes. A bit more if you check for repairs.

      • 90 xcent a HIGH estimate!?!?!
        I would say 90 xcent is a LOW estimate.

        Who wastes his time on kitten club for few hunderds of gold?

        SKYTRAIL is even more n more profitable (n quicker).

        KITTEN CLUB GRAVEYARD i’d call that.

  2. Agreed with poll results.

    If you make another about tanks battles, you may get similar results.

    Difference is that ppl do play that coz its one of few ways to get runestones but no one likes it.

    Another note that those minigames are horrible in these days.

    • the only minigame worth playing now its fishin [phrase here removed, we don’t want to nerf fishing]. Gem mini game is now just ridiculous, you get 10 tokens at most for free….

      • its only 20att on Monday
        [phrase here removed, we don’t want to nerf fishing]

      • Yeah… the gem mini is ridiculous! You get practically nothing from it. And if you want to buy more attempts they kept the same price, but you get useless rewards!

    • Actually Tanks is one of the few things in the game where big cashers don´t get a huge advantage, and it quite remarkable how bad most big spenders are at it. But I guess that´s why they spend so much, only way they can perform.

      • That doesnt remove the fact that no one likes it. If noob getting himself pumped when killing top player in tanks then its just sad.

        Whole consept of tanks based on luck: team who get most lasers always wins.

        Sum summarum: you cant be bad or good in tanks, its all about luck.

        And please dont give me any teamplay crap, everyone knows to focus one player at time and what weapon suit for that? thats right, unbalanced laser.

  3. They can fix kitten club by making the rewards better. simple. or it will just sit there doing nothing

    • i would prefer the investments go into something that is actually fun, which is what a game is supposed to be and not a silly thing to click like a brainless zombie

  4. I don’t even look at it pfffft…
    I think its just a scam unless u re using balen. Think about it! 200K gold to buy the items for 2x harvests 70K each. Total gain 140k while it costs u 200k gold!! OMG!!

  5. Once again Cosmos you have come to an exact conclusion. As to people who don’t know what a poll is – google it! Your sample size is pretty big and would pass muster under any statistical analysis. Good Job! Got a new one for you if you dare – How many of you don’t pay for VIP anymore due to all the drastic changes in Lagtoon?

  6. I play Wartune about an an hour a night, possibly bus time. I looked at kitten Club when it first came out Kama couldn’t really figure it out and didn’t want to spend the time to see what it was all about. It’s like it was just for cashiers as you needed not balens. Thanks for all your hard work Cosmos. First posting by me

  7. Either they nerfed Kitten Club a bit or no one on my Koram’s servers are using it as there hasn’t been a single item to be taken from anyone on my friends list. I used to check several times a day and there would be 5-10 players with items to get. Now it is always zero!

  8. ya i dun bother use it when i realise for certain kitten i am making losses…my gold spent > my gold return

    bad ROI….epic fail

    only works if u got better items

    • The only way to make a profit is to farm the resources needed from friends cats. Otherwise you lose money on them. And since so few have cats you will never make any money off them!

  9. another bad thing that the game did was leave the Tower very difficult, I been more than five months that do not enter it because I know I will die in the first stages.

    • The best way to beat TOK nm is using 4 medusas. Before sylphing all your party should use stunnes moves, when you sylph use the 30% party buff skill from medusa (all your 4 party members). then use Steal and the Delph. We usualy kill it like that with 2 or 3 steals. (buff stacks)

  10. Dumb fucking shit game cash all

  11. Sad thing is, the coding fix for kitten club is insanely easy. Gold output for all kittens x3, and always give item on gold collect (repair rewards stay the same).

  12. Kitten Club is pointless since they removed the repair icon so you have to click on every friend to find if any need repairs

  13. With the most recent update, kitten club is a lot better and easier. You also make money from it every time. I think as it is now it’s something that should be revisited by players.

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