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325 Points Eudaemon Signet

Hey everyone! While some players complain about newly added mini-features in Wartune Patch 7.0 I think it is always nice to receive extra rewards on top of whatever we already have. In this short post I share with you a screenshot from Eudaemon Signet where I got up to 325 points completely for free.

This unlocked 3 rewards versus the usual 2 that I get the free way and I really did not think it would be possible to get this high without spending balens. But this proves that if you have a lucky day you can get pretty high and maybe even unlock the 4th reward.

I am especially happy to receive extra Books of Wisdom and this mini-feature is super fast to do (complete in seconds).

The Willpower items, if you don’t need them right now, just keep gathering until you decide to go for the Angel of Light or Void Emissary or perhaps some other Willpower in the future.

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  1. Good. :3

  2. i figured a starategy to get best points
    335 points here
    wanna know it ?

    • If there is such a thing I am sure everyone would like to know it – yes.
      And in the future you don’t need to ask – you can just share straight away 🙂
      – COSMOS

      • what i did is that :
        i focus on the shining squares
        i choose first shining square on the left side
        if all the square are not shining , ex: i choosed shining square then the signet refresh but no shining square, i will choose the same place(location )(signet) that was shining before it refresh(reset)(change).

        try it and tell me if it work .
        i just discovered recently so maybe im wrong

  3. i just got 340 for free :p

    • 🙂

  4. not complain about rewards in General, but in the way we get them, i dont think ist really based ion Players decision what u get (blink or not) ist all decided before u even start, ist just to give u the Illusion that u decide what u take.

    whole game is scripted esp in cloud adventure u see it when u roll at end, rewards get shown in Chat Long before the rolls stop to spin.

    so lucky to get rewards ? no, only surprised if get any of them, only sur Thing in this game ? companiy cheats on Players, with a marginal Chance that sometimes palyers get better rewards to Keep the Illusion up

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