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[Poll Results] 650+ Votes on Customer Care of R2Games

Hey guys, here are the results of the Poll on the quality of R2Games Customer Care where 650+ people voted:

Poll Question & Structure

I want to straight away highlight that I specifically structured the questions to show positive options first, so if there was any bias it was towards positive results. So here is the exact question we asked and the exact way the answer options that were shown:

How happy are you with Customer Care / Game Support by R2Games (Tickets)?

  • 10 – The best game support that I ever had. Great job!
  • 9 – Almost the best game support / customer care!
  • 8 – Great game support / customer care!
  • 7 – Above average support! Nice!
  • 6 – middle score – neutral – neither positive nor negative feelings
  • 5 – middle score – neutral – neither positive nor negative feelings
  • 4 – Below average support! Poor job!
  • 3 – Bad quality game support / customer care!
  • 2 – One of the worst game support / customer care I ever saw!
  • 1 – Horrible game support! Totally unqualified jokers working at R2Games.

Poll Results of 650+ votes regarding R2Games Customer Care / Game Support

  • A whooping 46.9% voted for: “1 – Horrible game support! Totally unqualified jokers working at R2Games.”
  • A huge 79.6% voted for negative choices, i.e. that R2Games support is below average, bad quality, the worst or horrible.
  • Total of positive options adds up to only 10.7%.
  • 7.6% voted for “10 – The best game support that I ever had. Great job!”, which, based on player comments, feedback and emails we find “questionable” – did certain people perhaps used their people to add ultra-positive votes? I leave that up to your judgement.
  • 9.7% abstained / selected the neutral choices.
Vote Options # of Votes % Result
10 – The best game support that I ever had. Great job! 50 7.6%
9 – Almost the best game support / customer care! 3 0.5%
8 – Great game support / customer care! 6 0.9%
7 – Above average support! Nice! 11 1.7%
6 – middle score – neutral – neither positive nor negative feelings 22 3.3%
5 – middle score – neutral – neither positive nor negative feelings 42 6.4%
4 – Below average support! Poor job! 66 10.0%
3 – Bad quality game support / customer care! 65 9.9%
2 – One of the worst game support / customer care I ever saw! 84 12.8%
1 – Horrible game support! Totally unqualified jokers working at R2Games. 308 46.9%
TOTAL 657 100.0%


  • Results like this, on top of previous reports, confirm that R2Games is a terrible company. As such we recommend to all players to stay away from R2 servers and play the games that we like on the servers of better companies than R2Games as they clearly don’t give a damn about us – players while we are supposed to be their most important asset. Both our team and many player comments we have received confirm that many players will never play at R2Games in the future (which is actually not a problem since they are just a sub-publisher).
  • Note: we care about Wartune and we support and promote Wartune; this poll is not against Wartune, but specifically highlighting the problem so many players suffer from who are unfortunately stuck playing Wartune on R2’s servers. We are speaking with ProfCity to see if we can get an agreement to move to their servers and away from the R2 disaster. If and when we have results about this we will inform the players straight away.
  • Another possibility is if any of the bosses of R2Games wake up and smell the roses and actually decide to do their job rather than be busy swimming in their millions. They can, if they want to, fix this horrible situation, hire qualified people and put investment towards having a top class support who actually cares about the players and knows what they are talking about.


  • Did these results surprise you or were in line with your expectations?
  • Do you “believe” the 50 people on the #1 vote?
  • Do you think any R2 bosses will see or will be shown these poll results? Or if they will do anything after seeing them?
  • Feel free to put any other discussion / comment.


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  1. those 10 positive % was probably people who had never use the help option (probably they play almost nothing) Maybe some mega cashers who get special treat).

  2. in fact 2 years ago i’ve seen many reply as this ” ah, is a suck game r2. i leave”

  3. I would be curious to hear from people who clicked on “10”. How did customer support help them and almost no one else? I suppose it’s possible that their one and only ticket they submitted was adequately responded to in a timely fashion, but “the best game support” they ever had? What other games are they playing? I would group 4-6 as being “average”. Even that, you still have a vast majority saying that the service is terrible (1-3). Honestly, I’m amazed it got as many votes above a 6 as it did. On my server, I don’t think it would be 10% (approx.) that like Customer Support. 2%… maybe.

  4. I didn’t vote but yes R2 is a joke. I play a few other games, one of them I lodged a ticket, under 10 minutes, they fixed it. Same company another time within the hour problem was solved. As people have said before if we keep giving them money for the pathetic job they do, they stay in business

  5. At least R2 has some form of CS. Koram just gives a proforma response that it is being sent to the appropriate department and then is never responded to! Their forums are dead, with no new messages beyond some that players make!

  6. Must be R2 spies chose that best point.
    I dont play many games but compares to Zynga. R2 really hired all jokers..

  7. Ok, we get it. We know you dont like r2, me either, but this rant will get you nowhere just ruining your own day. People been fussing about this for ages in r2 forums, half of those post been deleted or got a generic response’s that doesnt even make sense. My point – nothing will change as long as their are getting their money, no matter how upset most players are. Only way to fight this is to stop cashing and I mean EVERYONE, but they simply wont, why? Because who wouldnt mind getting a sweet spot in the top when others falling behind without cash.

    • Well clearly you do NOT get it. I am not part of this poll and I did not even make a vote. The beauty of statistics is that is that data is not following human emotions but showing the clear truth.

      2nd thing you did not get is that as you said R2 deletes TONS of player posts which are not in their favor, but they do NOT have control over our site where everything is made visible.

      3rd thing you did not get is that it is actions by people which change the world and exactly the choice to accept and do nothing by your thinking is what allows these dictators to continue abusing people. Our great quality work is visible in many places on the internet and viewed by a lot of people in silence, some of whom can be very influential people who will never comment, but will take specific actions. Even a basic action by players to stop playing games at such disrespectful places are a great shout saying we are not going to put up with your crap.

      So these horrible people might win in the short term, but revealing the truth in the public visible for everyone and keeping fighting for honesty and justice is what helps make life of many players better in the long term.

      Don’t just accept that you are powerless. Each of us can make a difference if we put our mind to it.

      – Cosmos

      • The poll is flawed, and your conclusions are spurious at best.

        You should have done a list from 1-5, and removed the ‘wordy-ness’ from the explanations to make it less ambiguous. A decent percentage of people probably picked 10 instead of 1, because they didn’t bother to read it fully.

        It’s not really a problem with a general population who partook in the poll, it’s just the nature of polls, in that if you aren’t extremely specific, they don’t really tell you anything.

        The only explanation that could be concluded from this poll, is that the majority of people (50% +1) whom visit dolygames are at least somewhat dissatisfied with the wartune ticket system.

        I don’t like R2 either, but from this poll, you simply don’t have data to make any definitive statements toward the wartune population, yet alone the population that plays on R2games.

      • Obviously someone in politics. The “Spin” is making me dizzy.

  8. Comon people OBVIOUSLY those 50 votes, at least majority of it, is R2 employees ordered by their boss to vote positive results! LOL!

  9. i like these poll results, thanks for posting. long time you didn’t post a poll result. i voted for 10 “great support”, not because i like r2 too much (they often nerf game and do bad updates), but because all 3 times i asked for help i received kind answers the day after (so quite fast), and problems fast resolved. anyway, im sorry for those who have problems with bad support.

    ps: could you post also previous polls results we didn’t see yet? thanks Cosmos for the hard work 🙂

    • Hi Iazhurtya, thanks. We publish as much as we can and spend as many hours as we can find, but indeed we did not publish everything that exists, but still you are always able to click on Poll Archive and see all polls and results.

  10. 1 month after starting playing this game at r2 (kabam), I left and started over playing on and support was a large reason why.

    • I wish I had your brain when I started 🙂
      Good decision,

      • me too but im in to deep now I’m stuck with kabam 🙁

      • which is why your first account on any gameshould be a free player account.

  11. yep bad customer and rude too.

    the other day posted on their bugs about armorgames cant login…

    the reply from mod is quite rude…asking u have u try other browser, try clear cache, did u install anything, ru downloading etc

    sometimes even ask u for a picture…if they don belif just try login for themselves

    i always suspect they hire a bunch of interns running their support XD

    • It is rude of them to ask you what measures you have taken to fix your “not able to load” problem?

      You do realize that (a) them logging in fixes nothing, if the problem is your computer or internet connection, which with loading issues is almost certainly the case, and (b) it may well be an Armorgames issue, which is not their fault.

  12. Although this does show a trend, it is not a large eniugh sample size to be scientificaly significant.

    • 650 votes are many and enough

  13. It is a large enough sample size to make a good conclusion that R2 games does not support their customers as a whole. When people verbally speak out in numbers, and the powers at R2 games do nothing; the point is already proven. I enjoy this game, and will continue to play, but my $300 months of spending are long gone, and they are lucky to get me for my VIP fee at this point. Instead of adding useful content, they come up with near brain dead ideas, that my 10 year old daughter can conjure up. Anyway I hope things get better, but have a feeling it will not.

  14. Can i ask you: why this poll??

    like THEY give a f*** about it… PLAYERS give a f*** about it

    sad but true my friend 🙁

    I d support this tread in a R2games forum. NOT here (IMHO).
    But on your own website, 1 it proves nothing and 2nd people coming here they either dont give a F about money OR they are already “smart-ed” and choosen differently

  15. Can you make same poll for Kabam, Kongregate, Armorgames etc support teams?

    Seeing R2Games support compared to others will show better the support issue, and not only issues we are facing with 1st line support (
    – no answer,
    – no clue about game,
    – asking for picture in any case,
    – closing before resolution etc)

    and issues common to next levels of support (
    – uncorrected bugs,
    – refund of underground palace chests and ancient shads,
    – design issues like ‘friend’ button escalation, etc).

    Maybe we will find some common pattern

    Anyway, thank you for the poll, which cannot be held on official forum (similar polls in past there were deleted due to various reasons).
    It will be helpful also to hold poll asking for expected support behavior

    • Hi, if I am not wrong all who you mentioned are under R2Games. For example I play on Armor Games but they are not involved in any way – all tickets go to R2Games.

      And you are 100% right. Those people who are uneducated about the facts who comment about having such discussions or polls on official forums are totally clueless about the fact that they actively, on daily or even hourly basis, delete posts, entire threads or even edit sentences inside people’s texts to remove negative information about them. So seeing truth about the situation is only possible on independent blog like ours.

  16. Interesting poll but the result is inconclusive. Can we really deemed that the R2 company is terrible based on the support they have been providing to wartune? Let alone that they are also publishing a number of games.

    I’m saying this due to that I have also been playing other games in R2 and in my experience their support was excellent. This makes me think that the game/devs itself is a factor to this bad support we have been receiving on wartune.

  17. Personally I was much more into Stormthrone & Winterfrost Legacy, but it may help to know that there is a mobile version of Wartune in the Android store called google play.

    Won’t remedy the main prob, but might be worth a look.

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