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[Poll Results] 3 Wartune Classes

Hey guys, the other day I was thinking why are there always the same 3 classes in so many places and including Wartune? Did designers just become lazy and lose their creativity or there is some science behind having just 3? So I setup a poll on this and present here the results:

The Poll Question, Options and Votes:

The question I asked everyone was: Do you like the 3 Wartune Classes or we should have more?

And the following were the options I gave to people for voting (and it was not set as a multiple choice allowed poll, so players could only select 1 choice):

No! Why 3? Why not 10 of all kind of different stuff? 42% 166 Votes
Yep! The 3 classes are great – no problems! 37% 148 Votes
Indifferent – both happy with 3 and happy if more or less. 21% 85 Votes

Total Voters: 399

The Poll Results on Wartune Classes:

The winner of the poll was technically the wish to have many classes, much more than 3, but, surprisingly, also on a very close 2nd place was the vote of being happy with the 3 classes! And last is 21% of voters who were indifferent and could play with any amount of classes.

So what we get is 1/5th don’t care and the rest are divided in half! Pretty surprising / amazing result – i totally did not expect that. I thought one choice would be a clear winner.

What does Cosmos think?

I am super supportive of far more than 3 classes and the only reason for that is to have a bigger variety which forces much more strategic playing. Like imagine if each class is really good against 3 others, bad against 3 and average for 4 – that could get a lot more interesting and less predictable on tournaments. But i do recognize that, especially for people who are already bad at balancing classes, it would be a nightmare to try to balance 10 classes. Still, that said, if a professional team had to do it they would do an amazing job and all players would benefit.

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  1. Hi! I voted for happy with 3 classes.

    As an observation we now have 5 classes of kids/eddy, so they can try their hand at balancing classes there and we can see how they fare with that.

    • very good observation 🙂

  2. The only problem with more classes is the same problem they have with new servers…a new guy on Server 447 is never going to catch up with an old guy on Server 1 given equal resources.

    New classes are the same problem.

    • ya but resources are not equal, if you start a new account today you will see it is 1000 times easier than when i started 4 years ago

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